Sunday 15 April 2012


Wheatgrass is the most powerful plant in the vegetative world which has a number of health benefits.  It is, in fact, said to be the root of a healthy living.  Wheatgrass can be consumed in a number of forms may it be grass form, juiced form or powder form.  It is available off-the-shelf in many shops where you can purchase it.  It is used as a nutritional supplement all over the world and as such its importance is globally known.   According to statistics, 100 grams of wheatgrass juice contains the following nutrients – 21.0 calories, 95 g of water, 2.0 grams of carbohydrates, 42.2 grams of chlorophyll, 0.1 grams of dietary fiber, 0.80 grams of Glucose and 92.4 grams of Choline.  Wheatgrass also contains several vitamins such as Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Vitamin C, E and Folid Acid.  Along with these are the different minerals that are present in wheatgrass which may be summed up as Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Zinc, Calcium, selenium and Sodium.  All these ingredients make wheatgrass a truly nutritive diet.  It is also known as one of the most potent healing agents on the planet. 

The main cause is the chlorophyll content that wheatgrass has.  Wheatgrass has a high concentration of nutrients which are available from the soil.  These nutrients can very well bring about a healthy metabolism of the body performing a detoxification process. 

The various nutritional facts of wheatgrass can be summarized as below.
·    It is the most natural ingredient to strengthen the natural immune system of the body.  It provides the much wanted resistance to fight against various diseases and infections which can make the body weak and unhealthy.  A regular consumption of wheatgrass can thus keep the body immune to these diseases making it strong and healthy.
·    It is a natural detoxification agent and helps in reducing tension and stress.  It also keeps the foul odors off the body which can result due to sweat.  This detoxification factor also helps in improving the overall digestive system of the body helping in improving the liver functions as well as renews the tissues. 
·    Wheatgrass also contains eight amino acids like tryptophan, lysine, methionine, valine, leucine, isoleucine, threonine and phenylalanine which are considered to be very healthy for the overall body growth.
·    The chlorophyll found in wheatgrass helps in providing the much-needed oxygen to the cells through the blood.  This in turn promotes the overall vitality of the human body.
·    The enzymes present in raw wheatgrass can be helpful as an anti-ageing ingredient which can result in reducing the effect of grey hairs as well as provide the right remedies for faster healing against illness and wounds.
·    Wheatgrass also contains proteins which help in energizing the body and raising its energy levels.
·    This natural herb also helps to increase the blood Hemoglobin count which can be a vital source against disorders such as Thalassemia and Anaemic conditions.

·    Wheatgrass is the perfect remedy for anemic conditions.  It provides immediate energy to the body as well as keeps the mind more alert.  It is also used to provide the much needed stamina for your body.
·    Wheatgrass can also be used as a source to repair the DNA system in the body.  Some of these cereal grasses have some amazing regenerative and productive properties which help to repair and assist the cells.  They fix these cells in the damaged DNA and thus help to keep off the diseases which may harm the overall body development. 
·    Liver is the one of the main organs of the body which helps to keep the body healthy and active.  It has around 500 different functions to perform.  One of the main benefits of Wheatgrass is that it improves the overall functioning of the liver and thus helps in regenerating and stimulating the liver.  .

These are some of the main nutritional facts regarding wheatgrass.  As you can see, this herb can really bring about some positive concepts regarding your health as a whole.  So, the next time you hear about wheatgrass, take these factors into consideration. 

Monday 2 April 2012


Shea butter (karite butter) is a fatty substance which is received from the nuts of karite tree.  It is mostly found in west and central Africa. This magical butter has been used for centuries in the African continent for healing different skin disorders.  The importance of this nut has gained in popularity all over the world.  It has a number of benefits which mostly consists of its effect on skin. 

Shea Butter is a natural ingredient which has ample amount of Vitamin A, E and F.  Due to the various advantages of these vitamins, this butter can go a long way to help keep your skin clear and healthy.  It is mainly used against damage to skin by way of sunlight.   This magical butter has the properties to heal burns, scars or sores along with healing skin disorders such as dandruff, psoriasis and dermatitis.  One can also use this as a means to reduce the stretch marks.  The other uses of Shea Butter can be summarized as follows-

  • Shea butter has a rich content of Vitamin A and Vitamin D.  These are the best sources of healing your skin from sun damage.  This is due to the fact that Vitamin A is a remedy for healing while Vitamin D can bring about that increase in skin cell growth.
  •  Shea butter provides relief due to irritation caused due to shaving and soothes the skin making it a silkier feel.
  • This butter provides the healthy collagen which can prevent premature facial lines, wrinkles and slackened skin.
  • It can be used as a moisturizer as it has a number of fatty acids which can be retain the elasticity and tenderness of the skin. 
  • Due to its various properties in relation to skin health, Shea butter is used in many commercial cosmetics and skin creams as well an anti-ageing creams.
  • This butter is also used to provide relief to small children from rashes and inflammation caused due to diapers.
  • Shea butter is the perfect remedy for dry hands as it provides the relief and smoothness to the hands removing the wrinkles.
  • Another use of shea butter is that it can prevent brittle and dry hair and prevents its breakage. It can be used for revitalizing the hair, massaging it into the scalp a day before shampooing and wrapping it in a towel.

  • Shea butter has hydrating properties which makes it relaxing the face muscles and as such can be used for relief from nasal infection and congestion. 
  • In winter too shea butter can be massaged on the skin to make it smooth and gentle.  This is due to its moisturizing effect. It can be applied immediately after a hot bath.
  • Due to its remedial effect for muscle tension and stress, it is used on a daily basis by sportsmen and athletics.  It helps to create a sense of freshness as well as heals the sore muscles of the body at a faster rate.
  • Shea butter can also be applied to the lips in winter to keep them soft and moist thus acting as a lip-guard.
These uses of Shea Butter make it a very good magical cream for various disorders and dysfunctions related to skin. 

Saturday 31 March 2012


How would you feel that you are killing yourself or committing suicide just by eating something which you shouldn’t?  The matter of fact is that you know that it is dangerous eating these foods but you cannot control the feeling of eating such a wonderful delicacy.  Yes, it is really true that some of the foods that you eat as a delicacy are so poisonous that it can end your life.

So which are these delicacies that you should avoid even if you have an urge to consume them?  These foods should be eaten with tremendous care to avoid the unavoidable.
·        Fugu – Putterfish -  This is a delicacy which is found in Japan.  But the fact is that this fish is considered to be one of the most poisonous one alive.  It has the toxin called tetrodotoxin which is found in the ovaries and liver of the fish.  Even a drop of toxin from this fish can paralyze you, causing numbness and high blood pressure and the ultimate result can be death of the person. A slight mistake in removing the toxic parts can be fatal.  The preparation of this dish is a very expert job and it takes years to master the art of creating a recipe from Fugu. 
·        Live Octopus – Another fish delicacy popularly found in Japan along with Korea.  This is indeed an amazing recipe.  One has to eat a live octopus as it is moving around in the dish.  It too leads to cases of death due to choking of the octopus in the mouth.
·        Cassava – Cassava is a popular form of woody shrub which is made into flour found all over the world and known as tapioca.  But this flour contains cyanide which is absolutely lethal to the human beings. This form of cyanide, known as cyanogenic glucosides, is extremely poisonous.    For removing the cyanide proportion, this flour has to be kept in shade for around 5 hours.  If it is not washed properly during cooking, it may result in poisoning due to the remains of cyanide leading to paralysis.  The deaths caused due to cassava are known as Konzo. 
·        Giant Bullfrog – Another delicacy popular in parts of Namibia, this recipe is also poisonous due to the fact that the internal organs of this frog are poisonous and care should be taken not to consume these parts.  Only parts such as legs or other organs are considered safe for eating.  Consuming the internal organs, if found poisonous, can lead to kidney failure and premature death in certain cases.

·        Ackee Fruit – The Ackee fruit contains a toxin called hypoglycin which can be quite dangerous to eat.  The fruit should be consumed at the right time, when not overripe or not immature.  Only the fleshy part of the seeds should be eaten.
·        Silver-stripe Blaasop – This fish contains toxins in high proportion in its liver and skin along with the reproductive organs.  When cleaning this fish, it is absolutely essential that you have an expert who has the knowledge of the procedure.  The end result of this poisonous fish, if consumed in the wrong way, may lead to paralysis and eventual death. 
·        Mushrooms – Hard to believe, but it is true. Some of the species of Mushroom are said to be toxic.  These mushrooms can also be quite uncomfortable, if eaten in large proportions as they can cause gastrointestinal problems.  These poisonous species of mushrooms are usually found in the wilds and contain toxins such as Alpha-amanitin which can cause damage of the liver. 

So, the next time you put a mouthful of these delicacies into your mouth, just remember the above mentioned points and take that extra care while eating.


As we move about in life, it has become more and more complex due to the vast responsibilities that we have to taken during the course of the life.  This results in adverse effect on our overall health and as such our bodily functions fail at times to cope up with the stress and strain.  It is absolutely essential to keep our body fit and active.  For this various methods such as exercises or healthy foods are mostly recommended by various dieticians or from other medical fraternities.   

Along with these, there is another method which is adopted by Feng shui, the famous Chinese way of healing system to get control on your life.  It is said that Feng Shui can not only improve your health but also bring back the control and balance in your life making it more comfortable and better to live in.

It is found that more and more people are now going in for feng shui to improve their overall health.  As such it is important to learn how feng shui works in relation to your health related problems.

Feng Shui works on the theme of Chi or the life-force energy that surrounds us.  This energy is important as it gives you the positive or negative effect.  This energy, if it is blocked, will not be able to move as freely as it should and blocking such energy can well bring about insecurity and imbalance in the surroundings thus affecting our health.  This disharmony in the surrounding chi can be an invitation to various diseases which can be a threat to our life. 

Some of the effects of harmful chi can be seen in persons affected by depression, stress, loss of motivation or inability to concentrate.  Due to this even our relationships are strained and a feeling of defeat gets over our mind. 

On the other hand, if the chi or energy is healthy, free-flowing and balanced, it shows on the total environmental conditions surrounding us.  We feel improvement in our health, there is a total confidence in our movement, and good things begin to happen everywhere in our life leading to better relationship and with it comes luck, prosperity and direction.

There are various aspects or factors that bring about an unhealthy chi in our life.  According to Feng shui there are different environmental factors surrounding us that makes the chi unhealthy and blocked.  These may range from –
·        Untidy Room Atmosphere – There are certain corners of the room where we have not looked into for a long period of time.  As such there is the obvious clutter of things which have piled on and making them congested.  In such a situation, the energy levels of the chi are blocked and it directly affects our body making it confused and complex.
·        Furniture Arrangement – Another factor is the furniture you have placed in the room.  A bed facing the wrong direction, or corners of furniture facing people or that long and empty stretches of room all add up to that chi being blocked and a feeling of unhealthy relationship.
·        Color Combinations – Colors play a vital role in Feng Shui and each color has its own vibration.  This can affect the whole situation making it negative or positive. 
·        Objects placed at the wrong direction – These may include wrong picture hanging from the wrong direction or very poor lighting in the house.  These all add up towards a negative feeling. 

For changing the above negative conditions into positive ones, one has to follow some basic rules in Feng Shui. Carrying out the Feng shui in your home or office can definitely bring about some positive results that bring about good health and energize your confidence.

·        Get rid of the clutter in your rooms or offices.  Try to keep your room tidy, as an untidy room disrupts the flow of chi. All these areas of your house (bagua) are transformed into positive chi if you keep your house tidy and clean.  Also do not place any heavy objects in the area of the chi.
·        As said before, colors play an important role in attracting the chi in the house.  Use the colors which give out vibrancy and energy.  Red can keep you going, but do not use it in bedroom; Orange is a way of refreshness and revitalizing.  This can be used in kitchen or play areas while as softer shades can be used in family rooms or bedrooms.  Yellow too is a happy color which can bring about vitality.  Green is said to give a healing and calming effect.

·        The centre of your home should always reflect a positive environment.  Add live plants to this area.  Add square shapes and flat items for allowing energetic movement which is a sure way of getting good health.  One can add the religious objects or symbols or funny objects which gives out the positive energy in life.  Remove the wooden objects from the center as, in Feng Shui, wood uproots earth and as such is a negative item. 
·        Remove all electronic items from the bedroom as they produce electromagnetic fields which are not good for health.  Among them the electric blankets or waterbeds are considered to be the worst things in a bedroom as they are particularly sticking to your body.  Also metal objects should be removed.  Another suggestion is not the sleep with your legs pointing towards the bedroom door.  Avoid mirrors in front of your bed.  Water element in the mirrors can also cause ill health. 
·        Certain objects in Feng Shui are considered to be used for getting a healthy and energized life.  The dragon can be a good health symbol but should not be placed in a bedroom.  Use wind chimes or potted plants to disperse off the negative chi.  The dragon-headed tortoise is another symbol which gives steadiness and longevity.  Rabbits or tortoise are symbols of improved health and luck. 

All these factors should be taken into consideration while improving your health and overall fitness.  Feng Shui is a very important source of bringing about that healthy life you have always dreamt about.  So, the next time you think about Feng shui, think about these important tips which could be incorporated in your household.

Friday 30 March 2012


The DANDELION plant is considered to have a number of health benefits.  Dandelion is said to have some miraculous healing power with its wide variety of uses and medicinal benefits.  The whole plant, including its roots, as well as stem have some kind of advantages. 

Some of the vast benefits of this Herb are given.
·        The roots of Dandelion are used as a cleansing agent.  The powder of Dandelion roots, consumed along with tea they act as the perfect digestive medicine.  They help in the overall digestive and urinary system by acting as a laxative in many cases.  A Dandelion works both ways in treatment of constipation as well as diarrhea. The Dandelion herb removes the heavy metals from body tissues and thus helps in solving many problems related to kidney stones.  As such this herb is useful for persons affected by digestive disorders as well as hypertension.
·        Dandelion also helps in strengthening the liver and gall bladder.  It is the perfect remedy for stimulating bile product and thus cures inflammation caused due to bile duct. The tea made from dandelion is used to cure gallstones due to the presence of the chemical called taraxacin.  Due to its property of reducing bile secretion, Dandelion is the ideal remedy against kidney and liver disorders like Jaundice or cirrhosis of the liver as well as hepatitis.
·        This herb is an important source of vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B12 and other vitamins such as C, E and P.  Dandelion also has a rich content of beta carotene which is useful for eyes, skin and hair problems. 
·        The leaves of Dandelion have more nutritive substances than tomatoes or spinach and are considered to be the ideal salad ingredient for everyday usage. A salad of Dandelion leaves along with parsley and dill combined with oil or vinegar can make up a tasty as well as nutritive recipe.
·        Dandelion has a rich content of vitamins A and C, due to this it is considered as a anti-oxidant as well as anti-cancer agent.
·        Fresh Dandelion Juice can be consumed daily for purifying your blood and enriching it with iron.
·        The minerals such as potassium and magnesium, present in Dandelion can lower blood pressure as well as reduce the risk of heart attack.
·        The fiber present in dandelion is known to be the ideal source to lower cholesterol and as such acts as a perfect remedy for diabetes.  It is also useful in various cancers as well as heart related diseases. 
·       The calcium content in Dandelion can be useful for that strong bones as well as reducing blood pressure.
·        Dandelion juice is also useful for external treatment of such skin disorders such as acne, corn or blisters.   The juice is also useful in treatment of cold and congestion. 

·        This herb is also useful for treatment of anorexia – one cup of boiled extracts of leaves and roots are kept for cooling and after 24 hours, can be consumed before each meal.
·        A mixture of 10 grams of leaves, roots and flowers are boiled in 3/4th water for half an hour and this mixture can be applied to the eyes for treatment of cataract.
·        Dandelion leaves paste can be applied to dry hair overnight for treatment against greasy hair.
·        This herb is also the ideal remedy for reducing your weight.  Daily intake of dandelion juice has shown to reduce the weight in many cases.
·       As dandelion contains high levels of iron and calcium along with minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium, it is the perfect herb for the overall benefit of the body as a whole.

Taking all these benefits into consideration, it can be truly said that Dandelion is one of the most powerful herbs that nature has given us to improve our overall health as well as keeping our body fit and active.  A daily dose of dandelion is a must for increasing our immunity as well as keeping our body disease-free.



Your dog is the most cherished possession you have.  He is the friend, the companion and your savior in times of need.  He is one of your family members and you just cannot live without him.  All the above statements are mostly true in most of the families that have a dog as a pet with them. But it has been found that these families do not take that extra care to see to it that their dog gets the right food he wants. Normally they buy whatever is available on the sales counter.   So, are you giving your dog that healthy diet that he needs to be strong and active? 

It is a known fact that every human being needs a balanced diet to lead a healthy and energetic life. The same can be said about your pets, especially the dog.  An ideal dog diet should contain a good concentration of proteins, fiber, some moisture as well as adequate fat contents. While buying the perfect dog food diet, there are certain factors that have to be taken into consideration to provide your dog the perfect meal.
·        Check out the Ingredients -  This is the first part that you have to check when you buy your dog food.  Take a look at the contents of the package which should mostly contain protein rich food such as meat, fish or eggs.  These proteins have a high percentage of usable amino acids which form an important part of your dog’s diet.  Also check that the food has an AFCO statement i.e. the official Association which sets up the standards for dog food.
·        Avoid these – If you are feeding your dog with food such as wheat, corn, cornmeal or soy, don’t do it. This is because these foods are difficult to digest for the dogs as well as may cause infections and allergies.  Instead of this you can go in for such foods products as millet, rolled oats and barley. 
·        Look out of these – While buying your dog food, just take a peek at the label and see to it that they contain minimum crude protein as well as maximum crude fiber. 
·        Ideal Dog Diet – For a dog to be healthy, the food diet has to be controlled strictly. It should contain 50% of vegetables, 10% of grains or cereals, as may be the choice and 40% of meat.  See to it that you don’t over-feed your dog with only meat or only vegetables.  A grownup dog needs around 18% proteins in his diet whereas a puppy should have around 22% of proteins.

·        Your dog breed – Before deciding upon the diet of the dog, you should know the requirement of the dog and it depends on the breed of the dog.  Each breed needs to have different diet.  Try to get experts advice while deciding upon your dog food.
·        It’s Quality that matters – By quality it does not mean ‘premium’ expensive food stuff that you buy from the counter.  The quality here is in context with the source of meat that is added in the food, may it be from chicken, lamb of duck i.e. if should not have artificial nutrients or additives such as glucose, molasses or corn syrup added to it.  Another aspect here is to avoid meat by-products that are mostly added in these foods.
·        Checking out the Digestibility – It mostly depends on your dog’s digestibility levels.  Most go in for fish diet as it is more digestible than meat or chicken diet.  Also Rice can be a main source of digestible food along with oats and yeast.
·        Rich in Vitamins – An ideal dog food should be rich in Vitamin E and C.  Also look for omega-3 rich food ingredients in your dog pack. 
·        Trying out the New Products – When you switch your dog food brand, make sure that it is done in a gradual process.  This may differ from 25% to 50% and then to 100%.  This is due to the fact that dog takes time to digest the new ingredients of a different brand.  

Also along with these, try to buy dry food instead of the canned ones as they keep away the dental problems of your dog. 

Taking all these factors into consideration, one can surely buy the perfect dog food diet for your dog. 

Thursday 29 March 2012


There are a lot of foods that you eat daily which are considered to be quite nutritious as well as tasty. These foods even form the basis of your regular diet that you feel is very important to maintain your physique.  Food is the most important requirement our body needs and the daily intake of such food is our body makes it healthy and active.

Fruits and vegetables are the main base of our food requirement.  “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is the most prominent proverb found in all our books.  But have you ever thought of the fact that eating a nice, ripe apple could be dangerous as it may contain poisonous toxins in it?  Surprised by this fact, but it is true. Along with apple, there are some other common food items which can be considered disturbing to your health.   Here are 6 common foods that may have toxins which can be dangerous for your life. 

·        Apples are harmful - We can start from apples.  They are considered to be a popular fruit which we consume daily in our breakfast or evening meal.  But have to taken note of the fact that apples contain cyanide, but to a very small level.  This cyanide is present in the seeds of apples.  As such eating apple along with the seeds should be avoided.  Eating just one apple will not make any difference, but if a number of apples seeds are eaten along with the apples on a daily basis, it may bring about some complications and lead to various disorders.
·        Cherries are harmful - Cherries are another common fruit that we eat periodically.  These foods are considered to be nutritious as well as tasty.  Their red colors makes them all the more attractive to consume.  But it can prove to be harmful as cherry pips contain a compound called hydrogen cyanide which may enter your body if you accidentally chew on these cherry pips and crushed them in your mouth.  They may bring about disorders such as anxiety, headache, dizziness or in extreme cases vomiting, kidney failure and even coma.  So the next time you chew a cherry in your mouth, see to it that you don’t crush the cherry pip.
·        Almonds are harmful – Almonds are also considered to be a very popular and nutritious diet all around the world.  It is a very versatile dry fruit that can be eaten in a number of ways, simply eating it or making use of almond in their recipes.  Although almonds have a number of health facts, these fruits have to be properly   exposed to a specific heat source before they can considered being consumable.  These seeds are extremely poisonous and especially bitter almonds have to be processed properly before they are fit for consumption.  They normally contain cyanide in the raw form which can be quite harmful to the overall body if they are not processed properly.
·        Potatoes are harmful – Along with these common foods, another vegetable that we commonly use in our diet and which is considered to be a very popular food are potatoes.  Potatoes are eaten on a large scale in each and every country and along with their nutritional value are considered to be quite tasty even by the kids.  Potatoes are virtually used in each and every items that we commonly make, may it be the burgers or fries or various other recipes.  But it is a fact that potatoes are considered to be toxic, but it is the stem and the leaves of potatoes that are more toxic.  You can see the green color in some potatoes.  This is glycoalkaloid which is a poisonous substance.    As such eating these green potatoes or consuming potato leaf tea is considered dangerous to the health.  Normally it is not considered dangerous to life but in extreme cases there may be weakness in the body which may in rare cases go on to conditions such as coma.  The main picture here is not to consume green potatoes as well as those with sprouts or green eyes. 

·        Chilies are harmful – Chilies are extremely hot to consume and people stay away from them most of the time.  But there are some who always like it hot and fiery.  A word of caution for them.  Chilies contain a chemical called capsaicin.  This capsaicin is considered to be a dangerous ingredient which may kill you in the long run.  In fact, this capsaicin is used as a paint stripper in many industries as well as also used to make pepper spray used by the police during riot control.  A single chili will not harm you, but a daily intake of these chilies may cause very harmful effect on your body.

·        Cashews are harmful – This is another type of nuts, along with almonds which is quite popular for consuming.  Raw cashews contain urushiol, a poison which is quite similar to the poison ivy.  As such, before purchasing raw cashews, see to it that they are properly processed i.e. steamed and heated before placing on the counter.  This urushiol ingredient, if consumed on a high level, can cause some very serious effect on the body.  So the next time, when you buy cashews, see to it that they are properly processed and fit for eating. 

These are some common foods that you have in your daily diet and which needs to be looked at before eating.  These foods are not harmful or dangerous if certain precautions, as mentioned above, are taken into consideration.  So, the next time, when you consume these foods, take a closer look at some of the points which are given above.