Saturday, 31 March 2012


As we move about in life, it has become more and more complex due to the vast responsibilities that we have to taken during the course of the life.  This results in adverse effect on our overall health and as such our bodily functions fail at times to cope up with the stress and strain.  It is absolutely essential to keep our body fit and active.  For this various methods such as exercises or healthy foods are mostly recommended by various dieticians or from other medical fraternities.   

Along with these, there is another method which is adopted by Feng shui, the famous Chinese way of healing system to get control on your life.  It is said that Feng Shui can not only improve your health but also bring back the control and balance in your life making it more comfortable and better to live in.

It is found that more and more people are now going in for feng shui to improve their overall health.  As such it is important to learn how feng shui works in relation to your health related problems.

Feng Shui works on the theme of Chi or the life-force energy that surrounds us.  This energy is important as it gives you the positive or negative effect.  This energy, if it is blocked, will not be able to move as freely as it should and blocking such energy can well bring about insecurity and imbalance in the surroundings thus affecting our health.  This disharmony in the surrounding chi can be an invitation to various diseases which can be a threat to our life. 

Some of the effects of harmful chi can be seen in persons affected by depression, stress, loss of motivation or inability to concentrate.  Due to this even our relationships are strained and a feeling of defeat gets over our mind. 

On the other hand, if the chi or energy is healthy, free-flowing and balanced, it shows on the total environmental conditions surrounding us.  We feel improvement in our health, there is a total confidence in our movement, and good things begin to happen everywhere in our life leading to better relationship and with it comes luck, prosperity and direction.

There are various aspects or factors that bring about an unhealthy chi in our life.  According to Feng shui there are different environmental factors surrounding us that makes the chi unhealthy and blocked.  These may range from –
·        Untidy Room Atmosphere – There are certain corners of the room where we have not looked into for a long period of time.  As such there is the obvious clutter of things which have piled on and making them congested.  In such a situation, the energy levels of the chi are blocked and it directly affects our body making it confused and complex.
·        Furniture Arrangement – Another factor is the furniture you have placed in the room.  A bed facing the wrong direction, or corners of furniture facing people or that long and empty stretches of room all add up to that chi being blocked and a feeling of unhealthy relationship.
·        Color Combinations – Colors play a vital role in Feng Shui and each color has its own vibration.  This can affect the whole situation making it negative or positive. 
·        Objects placed at the wrong direction – These may include wrong picture hanging from the wrong direction or very poor lighting in the house.  These all add up towards a negative feeling. 

For changing the above negative conditions into positive ones, one has to follow some basic rules in Feng Shui. Carrying out the Feng shui in your home or office can definitely bring about some positive results that bring about good health and energize your confidence.

·        Get rid of the clutter in your rooms or offices.  Try to keep your room tidy, as an untidy room disrupts the flow of chi. All these areas of your house (bagua) are transformed into positive chi if you keep your house tidy and clean.  Also do not place any heavy objects in the area of the chi.
·        As said before, colors play an important role in attracting the chi in the house.  Use the colors which give out vibrancy and energy.  Red can keep you going, but do not use it in bedroom; Orange is a way of refreshness and revitalizing.  This can be used in kitchen or play areas while as softer shades can be used in family rooms or bedrooms.  Yellow too is a happy color which can bring about vitality.  Green is said to give a healing and calming effect.

·        The centre of your home should always reflect a positive environment.  Add live plants to this area.  Add square shapes and flat items for allowing energetic movement which is a sure way of getting good health.  One can add the religious objects or symbols or funny objects which gives out the positive energy in life.  Remove the wooden objects from the center as, in Feng Shui, wood uproots earth and as such is a negative item. 
·        Remove all electronic items from the bedroom as they produce electromagnetic fields which are not good for health.  Among them the electric blankets or waterbeds are considered to be the worst things in a bedroom as they are particularly sticking to your body.  Also metal objects should be removed.  Another suggestion is not the sleep with your legs pointing towards the bedroom door.  Avoid mirrors in front of your bed.  Water element in the mirrors can also cause ill health. 
·        Certain objects in Feng Shui are considered to be used for getting a healthy and energized life.  The dragon can be a good health symbol but should not be placed in a bedroom.  Use wind chimes or potted plants to disperse off the negative chi.  The dragon-headed tortoise is another symbol which gives steadiness and longevity.  Rabbits or tortoise are symbols of improved health and luck. 

All these factors should be taken into consideration while improving your health and overall fitness.  Feng Shui is a very important source of bringing about that healthy life you have always dreamt about.  So, the next time you think about Feng shui, think about these important tips which could be incorporated in your household.


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