Friday, 30 March 2012


The DANDELION plant is considered to have a number of health benefits.  Dandelion is said to have some miraculous healing power with its wide variety of uses and medicinal benefits.  The whole plant, including its roots, as well as stem have some kind of advantages. 

Some of the vast benefits of this Herb are given.
·        The roots of Dandelion are used as a cleansing agent.  The powder of Dandelion roots, consumed along with tea they act as the perfect digestive medicine.  They help in the overall digestive and urinary system by acting as a laxative in many cases.  A Dandelion works both ways in treatment of constipation as well as diarrhea. The Dandelion herb removes the heavy metals from body tissues and thus helps in solving many problems related to kidney stones.  As such this herb is useful for persons affected by digestive disorders as well as hypertension.
·        Dandelion also helps in strengthening the liver and gall bladder.  It is the perfect remedy for stimulating bile product and thus cures inflammation caused due to bile duct. The tea made from dandelion is used to cure gallstones due to the presence of the chemical called taraxacin.  Due to its property of reducing bile secretion, Dandelion is the ideal remedy against kidney and liver disorders like Jaundice or cirrhosis of the liver as well as hepatitis.
·        This herb is an important source of vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B12 and other vitamins such as C, E and P.  Dandelion also has a rich content of beta carotene which is useful for eyes, skin and hair problems. 
·        The leaves of Dandelion have more nutritive substances than tomatoes or spinach and are considered to be the ideal salad ingredient for everyday usage. A salad of Dandelion leaves along with parsley and dill combined with oil or vinegar can make up a tasty as well as nutritive recipe.
·        Dandelion has a rich content of vitamins A and C, due to this it is considered as a anti-oxidant as well as anti-cancer agent.
·        Fresh Dandelion Juice can be consumed daily for purifying your blood and enriching it with iron.
·        The minerals such as potassium and magnesium, present in Dandelion can lower blood pressure as well as reduce the risk of heart attack.
·        The fiber present in dandelion is known to be the ideal source to lower cholesterol and as such acts as a perfect remedy for diabetes.  It is also useful in various cancers as well as heart related diseases. 
·       The calcium content in Dandelion can be useful for that strong bones as well as reducing blood pressure.
·        Dandelion juice is also useful for external treatment of such skin disorders such as acne, corn or blisters.   The juice is also useful in treatment of cold and congestion. 

·        This herb is also useful for treatment of anorexia – one cup of boiled extracts of leaves and roots are kept for cooling and after 24 hours, can be consumed before each meal.
·        A mixture of 10 grams of leaves, roots and flowers are boiled in 3/4th water for half an hour and this mixture can be applied to the eyes for treatment of cataract.
·        Dandelion leaves paste can be applied to dry hair overnight for treatment against greasy hair.
·        This herb is also the ideal remedy for reducing your weight.  Daily intake of dandelion juice has shown to reduce the weight in many cases.
·       As dandelion contains high levels of iron and calcium along with minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium, it is the perfect herb for the overall benefit of the body as a whole.

Taking all these benefits into consideration, it can be truly said that Dandelion is one of the most powerful herbs that nature has given us to improve our overall health as well as keeping our body fit and active.  A daily dose of dandelion is a must for increasing our immunity as well as keeping our body disease-free.



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