After the age of 40 years people get a big tensed as this may be the time for their eyesight to become weak.  This is called presbyopia in medical terms.  In this, a person cannot focus on nearby objects but has no difficulty in observing and seeing far-off objects.  This disorder increases with increase in age. 

As the eyes get older, their ability to accommodate becomes weak.  The first signs are that of difficulty in reading the print in the books.  This is the right time to choose your glasses i.e. reading glasses.

How to choose the right reading glasses?
Reading glasses comes in various strengths or you may call it powers, from +1.00 to +3.50.  This power depends on the person’s capacity and limit to see the objects closer to him in a clear manner.  +1.00 is a weak power glasses and these are usually prescribed to a person who has just started to see a bit unclear, while as +2.50 and above are strong power glasses used by persons who have difficulty in seeing objects or prints that are just a bit far and have to focus a great deal.

The ideal way for choosing your reading glasses are:
·        Hold a newspaper or a magazine in front of your eyes.  This is to be kept at a distance which you normally read a magazine.  Try to read the fine prints and the normal text from various glasses.  Do not change the distance of your book and eyes as you try out different glasses.  Then select the one which gives you the best results i.e. a clear vision of what you are reading.
·        Another point while choosing a glass is that, selecting a +1.00 power glasses, you can even see far-off objects while on the other hand a +2.50 or +3.50 power glass are made only for reading near objects and limit your view to a certain distance only. 
·        For the use of computer work, special reading glasses are available.  Choose these if you want to concentrate on only computer characters and print.  These are basically only weak reading glasses.
·        There are two styles of glasses available i.e. full-rimmed and half-eye glasses.  With half-eye glasses, you can focus on other objects over the rim while through the full-rimmed glasses, the main purpose of focusing on near objects is served. 
·        Nowadays, reading glasses are available in a variety of styles and colors and frequent changes can be made to your glasses according to the latest trends. 
·        Always choose the glasses, taking into consideration the use that it may provide you i.e. for wearing in a public place where you can use the trendy and stylist type of glasses whereas in the comfort of your house you can use the full-rimmed reading glasses.  Comfort will also be the main criteria while using these glasses.  A suitable case for carrying these glasses should also be given importance.
·        Try to hang your glasses from a necklace or a lace around your neck so as not to forget them and then searching for them.  It is found that most people, new to wearing glasses, forget where they have placed them and try to search them.
·        If you do not require customized reading glasses, you can go in for readymade reading glasses available in various styles and colors.  They are cheap as well as trendy compared to customized glasses.  But these may pose some problems of eye strains after a period of time.

Taking the following points into consideration, take your decision while buying the right reading glasses for you.

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