Saturday, 31 March 2012


How would you feel that you are killing yourself or committing suicide just by eating something which you shouldn’t?  The matter of fact is that you know that it is dangerous eating these foods but you cannot control the feeling of eating such a wonderful delicacy.  Yes, it is really true that some of the foods that you eat as a delicacy are so poisonous that it can end your life.

So which are these delicacies that you should avoid even if you have an urge to consume them?  These foods should be eaten with tremendous care to avoid the unavoidable.
·        Fugu – Putterfish -  This is a delicacy which is found in Japan.  But the fact is that this fish is considered to be one of the most poisonous one alive.  It has the toxin called tetrodotoxin which is found in the ovaries and liver of the fish.  Even a drop of toxin from this fish can paralyze you, causing numbness and high blood pressure and the ultimate result can be death of the person. A slight mistake in removing the toxic parts can be fatal.  The preparation of this dish is a very expert job and it takes years to master the art of creating a recipe from Fugu. 
·        Live Octopus – Another fish delicacy popularly found in Japan along with Korea.  This is indeed an amazing recipe.  One has to eat a live octopus as it is moving around in the dish.  It too leads to cases of death due to choking of the octopus in the mouth.
·        Cassava – Cassava is a popular form of woody shrub which is made into flour found all over the world and known as tapioca.  But this flour contains cyanide which is absolutely lethal to the human beings. This form of cyanide, known as cyanogenic glucosides, is extremely poisonous.    For removing the cyanide proportion, this flour has to be kept in shade for around 5 hours.  If it is not washed properly during cooking, it may result in poisoning due to the remains of cyanide leading to paralysis.  The deaths caused due to cassava are known as Konzo. 
·        Giant Bullfrog – Another delicacy popular in parts of Namibia, this recipe is also poisonous due to the fact that the internal organs of this frog are poisonous and care should be taken not to consume these parts.  Only parts such as legs or other organs are considered safe for eating.  Consuming the internal organs, if found poisonous, can lead to kidney failure and premature death in certain cases.

·        Ackee Fruit – The Ackee fruit contains a toxin called hypoglycin which can be quite dangerous to eat.  The fruit should be consumed at the right time, when not overripe or not immature.  Only the fleshy part of the seeds should be eaten.
·        Silver-stripe Blaasop – This fish contains toxins in high proportion in its liver and skin along with the reproductive organs.  When cleaning this fish, it is absolutely essential that you have an expert who has the knowledge of the procedure.  The end result of this poisonous fish, if consumed in the wrong way, may lead to paralysis and eventual death. 
·        Mushrooms – Hard to believe, but it is true. Some of the species of Mushroom are said to be toxic.  These mushrooms can also be quite uncomfortable, if eaten in large proportions as they can cause gastrointestinal problems.  These poisonous species of mushrooms are usually found in the wilds and contain toxins such as Alpha-amanitin which can cause damage of the liver. 

So, the next time you put a mouthful of these delicacies into your mouth, just remember the above mentioned points and take that extra care while eating.


  1. Can you tell me the Hindi name for tapioca ?

  2. Indu, Tapioca is what we called 'sago' or 'sabudana' in Hindi. We mostly eat it during our fast.

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