Thursday, 29 March 2012


There are a lot of foods that you eat daily which are considered to be quite nutritious as well as tasty. These foods even form the basis of your regular diet that you feel is very important to maintain your physique.  Food is the most important requirement our body needs and the daily intake of such food is our body makes it healthy and active.

Fruits and vegetables are the main base of our food requirement.  “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is the most prominent proverb found in all our books.  But have you ever thought of the fact that eating a nice, ripe apple could be dangerous as it may contain poisonous toxins in it?  Surprised by this fact, but it is true. Along with apple, there are some other common food items which can be considered disturbing to your health.   Here are 6 common foods that may have toxins which can be dangerous for your life. 

·        Apples are harmful - We can start from apples.  They are considered to be a popular fruit which we consume daily in our breakfast or evening meal.  But have to taken note of the fact that apples contain cyanide, but to a very small level.  This cyanide is present in the seeds of apples.  As such eating apple along with the seeds should be avoided.  Eating just one apple will not make any difference, but if a number of apples seeds are eaten along with the apples on a daily basis, it may bring about some complications and lead to various disorders.
·        Cherries are harmful - Cherries are another common fruit that we eat periodically.  These foods are considered to be nutritious as well as tasty.  Their red colors makes them all the more attractive to consume.  But it can prove to be harmful as cherry pips contain a compound called hydrogen cyanide which may enter your body if you accidentally chew on these cherry pips and crushed them in your mouth.  They may bring about disorders such as anxiety, headache, dizziness or in extreme cases vomiting, kidney failure and even coma.  So the next time you chew a cherry in your mouth, see to it that you don’t crush the cherry pip.
·        Almonds are harmful – Almonds are also considered to be a very popular and nutritious diet all around the world.  It is a very versatile dry fruit that can be eaten in a number of ways, simply eating it or making use of almond in their recipes.  Although almonds have a number of health facts, these fruits have to be properly   exposed to a specific heat source before they can considered being consumable.  These seeds are extremely poisonous and especially bitter almonds have to be processed properly before they are fit for consumption.  They normally contain cyanide in the raw form which can be quite harmful to the overall body if they are not processed properly.
·        Potatoes are harmful – Along with these common foods, another vegetable that we commonly use in our diet and which is considered to be a very popular food are potatoes.  Potatoes are eaten on a large scale in each and every country and along with their nutritional value are considered to be quite tasty even by the kids.  Potatoes are virtually used in each and every items that we commonly make, may it be the burgers or fries or various other recipes.  But it is a fact that potatoes are considered to be toxic, but it is the stem and the leaves of potatoes that are more toxic.  You can see the green color in some potatoes.  This is glycoalkaloid which is a poisonous substance.    As such eating these green potatoes or consuming potato leaf tea is considered dangerous to the health.  Normally it is not considered dangerous to life but in extreme cases there may be weakness in the body which may in rare cases go on to conditions such as coma.  The main picture here is not to consume green potatoes as well as those with sprouts or green eyes. 

·        Chilies are harmful – Chilies are extremely hot to consume and people stay away from them most of the time.  But there are some who always like it hot and fiery.  A word of caution for them.  Chilies contain a chemical called capsaicin.  This capsaicin is considered to be a dangerous ingredient which may kill you in the long run.  In fact, this capsaicin is used as a paint stripper in many industries as well as also used to make pepper spray used by the police during riot control.  A single chili will not harm you, but a daily intake of these chilies may cause very harmful effect on your body.

·        Cashews are harmful – This is another type of nuts, along with almonds which is quite popular for consuming.  Raw cashews contain urushiol, a poison which is quite similar to the poison ivy.  As such, before purchasing raw cashews, see to it that they are properly processed i.e. steamed and heated before placing on the counter.  This urushiol ingredient, if consumed on a high level, can cause some very serious effect on the body.  So the next time, when you buy cashews, see to it that they are properly processed and fit for eating. 

These are some common foods that you have in your daily diet and which needs to be looked at before eating.  These foods are not harmful or dangerous if certain precautions, as mentioned above, are taken into consideration.  So, the next time, when you consume these foods, take a closer look at some of the points which are given above. 


  1. oh nice tips.
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  2. Fruit Seeds like apples, cherry pits contain a type of hydrogen cyanide called prussic beware of them and use home remedies if any problem occurs..