Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Sweating is said to be a sign of healthy body.  Sweating is beneficial as it regulates our body temperature as well as removes the toxins from the body. Sweating is the action which is caused by sweat glands in the body.  But excessive sweating can lose some essential minerals and water content from your body.  This may lead to tiredness and fatigue.   

There are various factors which may lead to excessive sweating.  They may comprise of alcohol consumption, obesity, stress, menopause, hypoglycemia or anxiety.  Diseases such as AIDS or Hodgkin’s disease too can cause excessive sweating.

The herbal remedies for reducing the excessive sweating are the most obvious remedies that can be used.  These herbs are harmless and do not have any ill-effects if used in the right quantity.

1)  Sage – Sage juice is the most common herbal remedy for excessive sweating.  It has a calming effect on the fibers which are responsible for producing sweat.  For consumption of sage, prepare a juice consisting of 20-25 sage leaves along with water which is to be boiled and kept for cooling for a few minutes.  Strain it and drink it every evening.  It will show its effect about 2 hours from consumption. This herb is also known as Savia Officinalis, and is similar to mint leaves.  Sage also have other uses such as keeping away the bacteria and fungi as well as reducing spasms. 
2) Schisandra Berry – This is a herb which is mostly used in countries like China and Russia.  It has berries that contain natural ingredients which are helpful in normalizing and regulating the body system.  As such this herb can be used as a remedy for excessive sweating.  Other uses include strengthening the immunity to fight against diseases as well as keeping a calm mind during stressful events.
3)  Astragalus – Astragalus is a herb which can control the flow of sweating in your body both ways i.e. prevents excessive sweating or increases the sweating.  It acts as a acid or as a base and thus has power over your sweating system.  It has some other uses such as remedy against bronchial constrictions, anorexia or stools. 
4)  Tea Tree Oil – This oil is mostly used for foot sweating and also acts as a antifungal remedy for foot fungus.  It is used as an antiseptic and a deodorizer and is applied to the sweaty areas of the foot.
5)  Schizonepeta – Schizonepeta herb acts as a remedy for excessive sweating. It helps to lower the sweat flow during fever as well. 
6)  Rehmannia – This herb has a cooling effect on the body which helps excessive sweating.  Rehmannia is a well known medicinal herb which also has uses such as decreasing the blood sugar as well as reducing bleeding caused by pathological heat.  The roots of this herb are used to heal thirst as well as eruption of skin.
7)  Osha – Osha is a herb which is used to eliminate the toxins through the pores of the skin and thus relaxes the pores reducing the sweating as well as leading to smooth muscle.  It is also used as a antiviral and antibacterial remedy. 
8)    Peppermint, Lemon and Fennel Seeds – This combination is used for anxiety related problems and the excessive sweat that come due to it.  Drink tea made out of these ingredients at the time of going to bed.
9)   Sage, Horsetail and Valerian Mixture – This is mixed in a proportion of 5 tablespoons of sage leaves with one tablespoon of valerian root and horsetail and pouring in boiling water.  When it boils, strain it and drink a cup every day and you can get some good results.
10)  Nettle leaves along with Strawberry leaves, sage and Walnut leaves – This combination also acts as a good herbal remedy for excessive sweating.  Use 2 parts of nettle and strawberry leaves along with 3 parts of sage and walnut leaves.  Boil these along with water and consume it every day before going to bed.

Herbal remedies are the best way to permanently cure the problem of excessive sweat. Excessive Sweating is not only a problem for yourself, but also to others.  Just imagine yourself sweating profusely in an elevator with a well dressed man.  


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