Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Omega-3 is the most important component in the body which makes up the cells walls.  Its main function is to see to it that our body functions properly and prevents any disruption in its process. This Omega-3 can be received through the foods that we eat.   

The importance of Omega-3 is supported by the fact that it has a number of benefits that the body receives.  Some of them are –
·        It improves the overall immune system of the body and prevents infections and diseases.
·        Omega-3 improves the overall blood circulation in the body.
·        It also reduces the blood pressure levels and as such helps people with high blood pressure disorders. Due to this function of Omega-3, it can reduce the risk of Heart attacks among people.
·        It is also a vital nutrient for reducing post partum depression among women.
·        It is also useful in cases of complications in diabetes as it overall reduces the risk of diabetes.
·        It is also an important ingredient for improving your memory.
·        It maintains a healthy skin and delays the ageing of the skin. It is also useful for hair growth.
·        It supports the overall development of eyes and the nerves.

Along with these there are various other benefits of Omega-3.  Taking all these into consideration, it can be said that Omega-3 is the most important ingredient that our body needs for its overall development.

The deficiencies of omega-3, on the other hand,   can be poor memory, fatigue, weakness, dry hair, dry skin, irritability, a low immune system and heart problems.  As such Omega-3 supplements are prescribed by doctors against various disorders and diseases such as High cholesterol, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Schizophrenia, cancer, menstrual pain as well as different skin disorders.

Omega-3 deficiency is the cause of many disorders that can prove fatal in your everyday life.  It can cause death in certain cases.  According to a survey conducted, approximately 90,000 people die of Omega-3 deficiency every year in the USA alone.

A recent study has brought into the limelight a very important source of omega-3.  This is the plant called Clary Sage plant or Salvia Sclarea.  This plant mostly grows in the North African and North Mediterranean region along with some parts of Central Asia.  Oil is extract from this plant and this oil has one of the richest content of omega-3.  It has about 50-55% of omega-3 per unit.  This oil was used from ancient times by the Greeks and Romans for treatment of infertility and wounds along with improving the memory.  The oil extracted is free from any preservatives or stabilizers and as such it is harmless to the human body. 

Some of the properties of Clary Sage Oil are –
·        It is free from all toxic matters and as such safe for use.
·        It is also Allergens free.
·        It has a very pleasant odor as well as an excellent taste and thus can be consumed without any additives.

·        Clary Sage Oil also contains some added benefits i.e. it has vitamin E which can control Heart diseases and improve the blood circulation in the body.
·        It has Coenzyme Q10 (co-Q-10) which is an effective antioxidant to fight off those free radicals which could harm your body.  This antioxidant also helps in improving your energy level and keeping you active.
·        It has Oleic acid Omega-9 which can boost your memory as well as reduces the blood pressure.

Along with all the above benefits, Clary Sage Oil has Sclareol which has antibacterial and antioxidant properties which can prevent diseases, it has Linalool and Linalyl acetate which helps to keep your body immunity high.  The list goes on and on………

So the next time you use Clary Sage Oil take these factors and benefits into consideration and you will have a healthy life to live. 


  1. Clary Sage oil has lot of health benefits and useful for everyone because it has antibecterial and antioxidant properties which give power to fight with diseases.

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