Thursday, 15 March 2012


Pregnancy is said to be the most delicate and important phase of a woman’s life.  It is an experience that each woman loves to have.  A new being that is brought up in a mother’s womb is truly an exciting feeling. 

But how can one know if she is truly pregnant or if she has one of those unnecessary troublesome disorders.  There are certain symptoms and indications that can point out to you becoming pregnant.  The most common among these are listed below.

·        The monthly missed period – This is the most common and the first signs that one suspect that you are going to be pregnant.  If you have regular cycles and if you miss one of them, then it can be a sign of your pregnancy.  The scientific cause for this is that there is no stoppage of progesterone hormone which is the cause of cycle.  A period is the cycle in which this hormone is stopped temporarily.  In case of pregnancy the body needs the progesterone hormone to sustain the baby’s need and as such there is no stopping in the cycle.
·        Increase in Food intake – This is another indication of a pregnancy.  This may not be a reliable source of indication but it could just be one of the symptoms.  Your food carvings goes on increasing each day as you always feel hungry no matter how much you consume.
·        Tender and Swollen Breasts – Your breasts may become swollen and tender and you can feel the pain in them.  They become more sensitive to the touch and this soreness may subside when your body gets used to this new concept.  This swelling and soreness is due to the surge in the hormonal activity during pregnancy.
·        Morning Sickness – Frequent morning sickness is another symptom of pregnancy.  You may get the feelings of nausea and dry vomiting not only in the morning, but throughout the day.  During this time certain odors become repulsive and are triggered by meals.  These symptoms are sometimes not felt in women and as such this cannot be the perfect sign of pregnancy.
·        Vaginal Bleeding – Some women experience this type of symptoms during start of pregnancy.  Small amount of vaginal bleeding can be experienced.  It mostly happens as the fetus implants itself to the uterus wall.  This bleeding may be extremely small and can last for a few days only. 
·        Greater Frequency in Urination – During the initial stages, one can experience the feeling and the need to go to the bathroom quite often.  This can also be associated with urine infections and as such has to be checked by an obstetrician.  This normally happens after six weeks of being pregnant and is normally due to pregnancy hormones as well as large blood circulation in your body. 
·        Fatigue and Tiredness – These are also supposed to be reliable symptoms of pregnancy.  You can feel your body getting tired at the slightest workout or even during the normal routine which you practice.  This feeling is mostly attributed to the high levels of progesterone in the body.

·        Areola Darkening – As you feel the other signs of pregnancy starting to creep up, yet another sign is the darkening of the skin around the nipples.  This is mostly being confused as a hormonal imbalance but it can again be a symptom of pregnancy. 
·        A change in taste – Some women experience a change in their taste buds.  The most common experience is that of a metallic taste in the mouth.  Such women feel nausea at the taste of coffee or tea which they normally consume. 
·        Going for a Pregnancy Test – This is the last and most reliable course of confirmation of a pregnancy.  The blue line seen in the home pregnancy test is the sure indication for your pregnancy.  For further confirmation, you can always go to your local lab for testing or arrange a meet with your obstetrician. 

Just remember that the above symptoms are only indicative of your pregnancy and can always be negative indications too.  As such if you experience a combination of these symptoms, only then it can be said that you are on your way to a family life.   

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