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Teenage Depression is a problem that is not taken seriously by the parents.  They take it as a normal passing away of a mood of the teenager, hoping it may diminish after a few days.  As such no care or interaction is made with the teenager.  The result is that the teenager goes further down the road leading to chronic depressive state which is then difficult to handle. 

Teenage Depression is a very difficult problem that is increasing every day.  It is a problem which has increased to vast proportions all over the world and it is now time to take serious note of this disorder among the teens.

What is Teenage Depression?
Teenage Depression is a disorder or a mental illness which occurs in teenagers due to a number of factors.  At times like these, the teenager needs the help of the parents and seniors to support him and take note of his depressive state.  During this stage, the moods swings of the teenager are quite low.  They feel they are not wanted and find themselves remote from the other members of the family. 

Symptoms of Teenage Depression:
Teenage Depression is not identified easily and it takes some time for the parents or elders to actually identify that the teenager is in a state of depression.  But there are some signs and symptoms which can be seen during the child’s overall activity in the house or outdoors.  They can be summed up as –

·        Withdrawal from the family or friends.  The teenager tries to withdraw from his friends and is reluctant to socialize.
·        The teenager has difficulty in concentrating of various activities.
·        There are changes in the sleeping and eating habits of the child which are easily noticeable.
·        The teenager gets irritated at the slightest provocation and it may lead to anger and hostility.
·        There are always the thoughts of suicide and death in the way he speaks.
·        He always complains about various headaches and stomachaches.  But the fact is that these are all mental complications due to depression.

Treatment for Teenage Depression:
There are a number of medical treatments which can be followed by the parents.  These may range from physical examinations as well as getting the child examined by a mental health professional who can diagnose the teenage depression.  There are also the anti-depressant medicines that have to be followed by the patient.

But over and above these medical prescriptions it is essential that the teenager has the support of his family and friends during this difficult period.  There are certain things that you, as a parent, have to do in order to help your child.
·        The first and foremost remedial treatment for a depressed teenager is to find out the cause of his depression. These may range from failure at school, failure in attracting the opposite sex or unable to finish a goal.  When you find out the exact cause of this depression, see to it that you help him out of the situation.  Suggest the child ways to improve his overall life condition. 
·        Try to encourage the teenager in achieving his goals.  Boost up his confidence as much as you can.
·        Try not to compare the teenager with his peers. 
·        Help the teenager make his own decisions and try to see to it that these are realistic decisions and which can really boost up his confidence level.
·        Talk to the teenager man-to-man and try sorting out his problems and how he can get out of the situation.

These steps can surely help your depressed teenager get out of his depressive state.  But along with these steps, it is always advisable to seek a professional help for sorting out these problems as depression is a very dangerous disorder and has to be dealt in a very professional way.

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  1. There are many factors that revolve around a teenager's life. With all the pressing issues they're dealing with, love, guidance, and assurance from the people around them can help them triumph over depression.

    -Carolin Newmeyer