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MYKONOS, the playground of the rich and the famous.  The place where people from all over the world visit for staying in a atmosphere which is totally absorbing and enchanting, where every couple wants to enjoy the spirit of Greece and its traditional warmth.

Mykonos is a destination which is totally dependent on tourism.  It is a granite island located in the Aegean Sea south-east of Greece.  The town of Mykonos is set atop a big granite mountain and all the building are painted in white giving Mykonos its unique feature.  Mykonos, in fact, means ‘Mass of stones’ and is the name of the son of King of Delos.  It is a part of the Cyclades islands and is one of the most expensive islands of Greece which is visited by almost all the famous personalities from across the globe.

The town of Mykonos consists of number of small streets, shops and churches all painted white in color and having vibrant drapes.  The shops of Mykonos have an array of souvenirs and jewellery and as such are a shopper’s paradise.

Mykonos is the ideal Romantic Gateway for couples who like to enjoy beautiful places and the wild side of night entertainment.  Staying at one of the many hotels or having a room in Mykonos is a romantic experience itself.  Just laze about with your partner and observe the various activities that go on in front of you.  If your accommodation is on the outskirts of Mykonos, it is even more magnificent to observe the vast sea before you along with the beaches and the ever populated Mykonos Harbor with its various ships and boats.  Many of the hotels have their own swimming pools which add to the flavor of the romanticism. 

The sandy beaches of Mykonos along with their azure clear water make them one of the most scenic places on the European travel circuit.  These beaches are the happening places in the city where you find numerous activities going on along with a number of water sports, sunbathing, playing a game of volleyball or just strolling with your partner.  Nudism is accepted in Mykonos and if you prefer this, have a ball in this city of Greece.  The famous beaches of Mykonos can be named as Platys Gialos, super paradise, Elia beach, Houlakia ornos, Ftelia & Glios Stefano.  Each of these beaches is worth a visit.  Scuba diving, wind surfing, kayaking are among the few of the water sports that can be experienced in Mykonos.  The famous beach of Agios Loannis is a landmark spot for various movies. 

Another great attraction of Mykonos is its night life.  After sunset falls on the beaches of Mykonos and lights go up, a different side of this great town can be seen.  Mykonos wakes up to another kind of environment.  The small streets are filled with tourists, their hurried feets moving up to the nearest pubs, bars, nightclubs, discos and cafes.  The air is fill with the sound of hard music and DJ all around the world gather to deliver their best.  Nightlife in Mykonos is an experience that has to be experienced (not for couples who like solitude and a quite night).  This night life ranks among one of the best and wildest in Europe and people from all round the globe come to this little town to enjoy it.  So, when in Mykonos, don’t miss this exciting nightlife with your partner as you can just freak out the whole night visiting the various nightclubs or discos dancing and dining and having a night of your life. 

Along with these attractions Mykonos has a number of tourist attractions.  There are various architectural and historical sights in Mykonos.  The main among them are the historic windmills of Mykonos which gives us an insight into the rich agricultural history of Mykonos.  Most of these are non-operational and the Boris windmill is now turned into a museum.  Another site visiting is the church of Panagia Paraportiani which is very famous throughout Greece and has been built around the late 1400s.  Then there is the Armenistis lighthouse which was constructed in 1891 and is still operational.  Nearby is the village of Ano Mera which has the monastery of Panagia Tourliani and the all female Paleokastro Monastery along with remains of Gyzi castle. Besides with these attractions don’t miss the Town Hall of Mykonos which is a two-storied building which now houses the Municipality of Mykonos.

The official population of Mykonos is only 9,000 inhabitants but in peak season this population crosses a million a year due to the vast tourists that visit this wonderful and charming city.  Lastly, a word about Petros the Pelican.  He is the mascot of Mykonos.  He was found in 1954 and later became a family of the Mykonos people.  He died in 1986 but is now being reviewed by 3 more pelicans, one of them named after Petros. 

Mykonos is the perfect destination for a wild Romantic Gateway.

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