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Breast Cancer is growing day by day as more and more women are falling prey to this dangerous disease all over the globe.  In US alone an estimated 1 out of every 8 women will develop breast cancer by the time they reach the age of 90.  This is really a frightening and disturbing statistics which all women should take serious note of. 

This article tries to find out how some foods may help you prevent from this dreadful disease.  These foods will surely make you immune to the factors causing Breast Cancer. 

·        Blueberries – Blueberries are the perfect source of phytochemicals which is the perfect remedy for triple-negative breast cancer.  Triple negative breast cancer carries a poorer prognosis than any other form of breast cancer. 
·        Broccoli – Broccoli is another type of food that can prevent Breast Cancer.  This is due to the fact that it contains indole-3-carbinol.  This chemical helps to fight the disease by converting cancer causing estrogen to a more protective estrogen which prevents breast cancer.  As such broccoli should be included in your diet once or twice a week.
·        Cautaloupe melons and Pumpkins – These are the vegetables and fruits which should also be included in your diet.  These foods have a rich source of betacarotene which produces vitamin A and is also known to be a potent antioxidant that helps as a cover against highly-active molecules.  These molecules are the source of severe diseases like breast cancer.
·        Oily Fish – These fishes consisting of sardines, mackerel, salmon or trout are rich source of omega-3 fats.  Consumption of these oily fishes can reduce the risk of breast cancer on a large scale as omega-3 prevents the growth of cancerous tumors and also keeps our body immune to other diseases. 

·        Artichokes – The leaf extracts of Artichokes induces apoptosis which reduces the cell proliferation in breast cancer.  It also contains flavanoids which is an antioxidant which fights off the cells producing breast cancer.
·        Kelp – This is a sea vegetatation which reduces serum estradiol levels in women.  This weed or vegetation also contains chlorophylones and fatty acids which can be useful in the prevention of breast cancer.  Also Kelp is a rich source of fucoidan, which induces apoptosis or cell death of cancer cells.  As such Kelp is a very important food for prevention of breast cancer.
·        Garlic – Garlic is another ingredient which is helpful in the prevention of all types of cancers including breast cancer.  Cooking meat along with garlic can be an added advantage due to the fact that garlic reduces the carcinogenic chemical which can be linked to breast cancer. 
·        Green Tea – Green Tea contains a compound known as EGCG which is helpful in lowering the risk of Breast Cancer.  Green Tea also reduces the risk of the cancer growth further into the body and as such daily consumption of Greet Tea is a must for most women who are having this dreadful disease.
·        Flaxseed Oil – Flaxseeds have rich content of lignans which help in the production of cancerous tumors and as such are a very useful remedy for breast cancer.  Flaxseed oil can be used in your daily cooking to get your daily dose of this oil. 
·        Pomegranate Juice – This is an ideal fruit for consuming daily for those infected by breast cancer.  This is due to the fact that pomegranate juice prevents new breast cancer cells formation as well as destroys the cells causing this disease. 
·        Fibrous Foods – Foods containing fibers such as pulses, rice, wheat bread or Linseeds are found to be ideal for prevention of breast cancer.  Fiber excretes oestrogens from our body which are said to be the trigger cell division in the breast tissue which can cause breast cancer.  Also fibers are useful for bowel movements.  A regular and healthy digestive system helps women to lower the levels of oestrogens in the body.
·        Cabbage - This is another vegetable along with its family members such as sprouts, kale and brussel sprouts which are useful in prevention of breast cancer.  They contain cancer-fighting compounds such as indole-3-carbinol which deactivates oestrogen which is the cause of breast cancer.
·        Red Wine – Red wine is considered to be an ideal drink for breast cancer.  Red wine contains resveratrol which makes the cancer cells susceptible to radiation treatment as well as protecting the healthy cells from being damaged due to the radiation process. But a word of caution is that over drinking of red wine may, in fact, result in faster growth of breast cancer and as such a drink or two per daily is the daily dosage required.

Along with these foods there are various other vegetables and fruits which help in fighting breast cancer such as Spinach, Grapefruit or Dark Cherries.  A healthy diet along with a healthy living are the ideal recipe for prevention of Breast Cancer. 

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