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This tropical paradise, is the most exotic place in Asia and one of the most enchanting places in the world.  Maldives is all that and more.  Visit this place and you will know why it is described as such. 

Set among the blue waters of the Indian ocean, this beautiful island is located South-east of Sri Lanka.  Out of total 1190 small islands only 200 are inhabited by humans.  This island is a mix of live corals and sand bars consisting of 2000 coral reefs alone.  It is an ideal place for one of the most Romantic Gateways that one can find.

Tourism is the main source of income in Maldives and so one can have the best options along with friendly and co-operating locals of the island.  There are various activities that one can enjoy in Maldives, mostly consisting of water sports.  This small tropical paradise also has some historical treasures and monuments which can be unearthed. 

The Beaches – On any tropical island, most of the island activities are seen on its beaches and Maldives is no exception.  It has some really exquisite beaches like Cocoa Island, Nika and Banyan Tree Island which are a photographer’s dream location with its white sandy beaches, clear emerald water and bordered with palm trees. 

The Resorts – Staying in a Resort  on Maldives is an experience one has to cherish with. Out of the 200 islands, 87 of these are now converted into private resorts which cater to each and every need of the tourists.  Situated in waters and on the pristine beaches, these resorts are the ultimate destinations for a Romantic Gateway.  Just gaze out of your cottage room lying on a comfortable bed in each other’s arms and see the splendid view of a sunset, or else just stroll outside your rooms on the virgin beaches absorbing the nature.  These resorts offer a number of facilities from honeymoon packages to renting out different equipments for water sports activity.  Spa Resorts provide you with couple massage packages which can be a rejunivating experience for both of you.  If required, these resorts provide with special marriage arrangements to be made in Maldives.

Water Sports – Being a tropical island, Maldives offers a variety of water sports to its tourists. 
·        Fishing - being the main occupation of the inhabitants of Maldives, it is the main attraction for tourists too.  Enjoy fishing in the deep sea waters.  You can catch fishes of a large variety such as barracudas, rainbow runner, squirrel fish, sword fish and the famous tuna.  Just rent a yatch or a boat and take your fishing rod with you for that romantic trip in deep sea waters of Maldives, either fishing or just laying out on the boat for a sunbath.  Most of the arrangements are made by the Resorts.
·        Snorkeling – Snorkeling is another great attraction in Maldives as you can take a look at the vast underwater marine treasures that this island has to offer.  Maldives in fact, offers the best of marine underwater world with an array of colorful fishes and a variety of oral reefs which attracts tourists from all over the globe.
·        Scuba Diving – It is another sport that can be experienced on your trip to Maldives.  Some of the main sites for diving are Baa Atoll, Lhaviyan Atoll, Raa Atoll and Vaavu Atoll.  These sites are specially selected for their rich flora and a serene atmosphere which are ideal for scuba diving.  All the resorts in Maldives offer scuba diving equipments and conduct tours for these sports to its visitors.  Night Scuba diving is also conducted in Maldives and it can be an exciting experience if you have not done it before.  Just dive in the calm and silent waters on a moonlit night and see the treasures of this beautiful island in the darkness.  It is an experience just out of the dreams.
·        Wind Surfing – This activity is another adventure you can embark upon on this island.  Surfing schools are available in Maldives for the novice.  Some sites are selected for this type of sports activity and surfing on clear emerald blue water and catching strong waves are truly a great moment. 

Along with these main activities there is the submarine diving activity where you can board the submarine which goes down to about 150 meters beneath the water and one can watch the marine treasures of Maldives.  Underwater photography can also be done in these waters and the resorts provide you with the camera and equipments necessary for the same. 

If you both want a break from these water activities, Maldives have a number of historical places to explore such as the National Museum which has belongings of the Sultan of Maldives along with stone carvings and archeological findings in Maldives. The Friday Mosque, Huskuru Miskyii is the biggest in Maldives which can house around 5000 worshippers at a time.  Then there is the Presidential Palace and Mulee Aagee monument to explore.

Tourists enjoy places such as Baa Atoll, Faumulaku and Kudahuvadhoo for their beauty and serenity.  The city of Male in Maldives offers tourists a view of the traditional culture and way of life in Maldives with its busy vegetable markets, fish markets and the firewood markets.  Enjoy the local cuisine of Maldives which consists mainly of fish and fruits mixed with the local spices adding flavor that is totally divine. 

For that ideal Romantic Gateway Maldives, just soak in the sun absorbing the beauty of this place, or take a sip from a drink, lying under a coconut or Palm tree, enjoy the various sports activity or else just stay at one of the exotic resorts of Maldives enjoying the evening sunsets or sitting on one of the large verandas of the Cottage room.  Go for a night stroll on the virgin beaches of Maldives along with your partner and then have a Maldivian dinner which is the icing on top of your most Romantic Gateway that every couple wants on their honeymoon. 

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