Monday, 12 March 2012


Choosing a Lawn Care Service may seem to be the easiest task you can perform on any given day.  There are hundreds of service providers if you open any area directory or search on the net.  You can get the cheapest quotation in a matter of few hours and your work is done.  But is it that easy?  You have to think twice about it before you confirm a contract with a particular company. 

There are a lot of factors which you have to consider before finalizing a service provider to lay his hands on your valuable lawn.  You have to go through a number of steps before you choose the perfect company that you are satisfied with.

·        Recommendations – These are the most important sources of finding a Lawn Care Service.  Ask your friends, family members or neighbors who are using these Services.  If you have loved to see some lawns on your way home you may approach the owners of these lawns directly and request them for giving the provider’s contact.   You can get some really good recommendations from these persons as they have their own experiences to tell about.  Try to get a list of Service provides from these persons.
·        The Directories and Websites – This is another way for finding out some Lawn Care Services.  You can find hundreds of sites in your area from these sources.  Narrow them down to the most likely that you feel are good for you. Also look at the various reviews and ratings of these companies.
·        License Holders – Once your have got your list of providers you can contact them personally.  Check them out if they have the necessary licenses as well as they are insured.  Insurance provides the necessary coverage if anything goes drastically wrong.
·        Portfolio – Have a look at the portfolios of different companies that provides the Lawn Care Services.  Most of the reputed companies have their own portfolios and they are best suited to work professionally.  Do not go in for cheaper companies that do not have any reputation or do not have any portfolios of their own.  Study these portfolios carefully taking a look at their current and past assignments. Also study what are services they would be providing in their contract. 
·        Estimates - Once you have finalized a few of these companies, now is the time to get the estimates from them.  Have them get a look at your lawn and give them the perfect situation on what you want them to do and what you expect them to perform for you.  There should not be any confusion regarding the work they have to do.   Always take a writing estimate from these companies instead of verbal estimate.  That’s the most important part.  Get it in writing as it helps to confirm that you are not overcharged during the final process.
·        Compare the Estimates – Compare the different quotes you have received, giving priority to quality and service.  This may include the quality of fertilizers being used (whether organic or synthetic), pesticides, mowing and raking the debris, watering the lawn and the materials and equipments that are going to be used. Look at any special and additional services they provide.  Also compare the rates of these companies as against the quality and services they provide.  
·        Final Procedure – Once you have finalized the Company, it is time to get all the documents right.  Call the company representative and finalize your deal with him.  Ask for a written bill from him regarding the payment made as well as the contract regarding the terms of service he has to provide.
·        After sales Service -   After your work has started always keep your eyes open to see if the company is adhering to the terms mentioned in the agreement regarding the quality of work and equipments used.  If you are not satisfied with the service they are providing, you can always contact the after sales service department and take note of how quick they are responding to your query.

Taking all the above points into consideration, you can get your perfect Lawn Care Service.  Selecting the right provider can be a tremendous boost to your lawn as you can then see it flourish and grow to a beautiful looking lawn which can make you proud in front of your friends and neighbors.

If you are satisfied with the services being provided, always recommend these companies and you will be in their good books. 


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