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Premature Ageing is a very serious disorder and it has been found that there are various factors that lead to this premature ageing in people.  Before we learn about the factors leading to premature Ageing, we have to find out what is the concept behind Premature Ageing. 

The main factor which contributes to ageing is the Human Growth Hormone (HGH).  This is produced in the pituitary gland which is found in the brain of a human.  The main function of this hormone is to stimulate growth cell production.  This hormone has the important function of increasing the muscle mass, reduces the fat in the body, helps in keeping the calcium contents in the body balanced and as such keeping the bones healthy and strong.  HGH also helps in controlling the sugar levels in the body as well as helps in the overall immunity of the body.

·        Stress – This is the most important and most common factor resulting into premature ageing.  Stress brings with it a number of disturbances which results in damaging the overall body functions and parts of the body.  When these disturbances go out of control, they finally take their toll and what follows is a sequence of hormonal imbalance.  This is caused by the stress hormone known as ‘cortisol’ which severely damages the hypothalamus.  This hypothalamus has the main responsibility of regulating the good hormones.  Thus, stress can be contributed to be the main culprit for a premature ageing process. 
·        Pollution Factor – There are a number of pollutants which we come across in our everyday life.  These pollutants from the environment enter the body and are responsible for damaging the new cell tissues which are formed in the human body.  These cells contain some vital genetic information which can be infected due to these pollutants and thus brings about the premature ageing process. 
·        Sun – Getting out and having a sunbath on a hot sunny afternoon may be your ideal way of enjoying the sun.  But this could just be the start of your ageing process.  Exposing yourself to those harmful UV ray is the major cause of premature ageing.  If you are exposed to the sun rays without any protection freckles may spurt up and change to brown sun spots in quick time.  The skin becomes dry and wrinkles and sagging procedure increases.  Also there is the risk of inflicting Skin cancer. 

·        Exercise – If you are a couch potato and are not getting those muscles toned up by exercising, you are bound to be the ideal candidate for premature ageing. Exercise should be included in your daily schedule as it forms an important activity for preventing premature ageing.  Exercises provide the much wanted blood flow in the body as well as tone up your muscles.  Any kind of exercises like walking, jogging, heavy exercises or aerobic are required to provide the much needed glow on your face as well as making your body fit and agile.
·        Alcohol Consumption – Alcohol is another factor which leads to premature ageing.  Alcohol makes the small blood vessels dilate and thus lead to permanently damaging your skin.  Over consumption of alcohol may lead to such problems as sagging face or wrinkles under the eyes. 
·        Cold Weather – Cold weather such as cold winds can contribute to the process of ageing.  It makes the skin dry and rough as well as makes the flow of blood vessels in the body contract, leading to problems of ageing.
·        Lack of Sleep – It has been found that people who do not have proper sleep at night are bound to be disturbed by the premature ageing process.  Uneven and improper sleep may result in feeling of tiredness.  This brings about the dark circles and sagging bags under those eyes.  It also leads to memory loss and depression which can cause premature ageing.
·        Smoking – Tobacco destroys the protein fibers that building up the skin and disturbs the production of collagen which is the main protein that keeps the skin healthy and vibrant.  The breaking down of this connective tissue can fasten the process of wrinkles and sagging of the skin. 
·        Obesity – It may not sound true, but obesity can also be a cause of ageing process.  This is due to the fact that obesity is said to accelerate the shrinking of the thymus gland, which is responsible for fighting infections and producing the T-cells required to keep the immune system of the body working.  Thus, obesity can be a hindrance for you to keep the body free of immunity and thus hastening the process of premature ageing.
·        Disease prone Ageing – There are certain diseases which bring about faster ageing process in the body.  Progeria is such a disease in which the process of ageing starts from the childhood and death is usual around the age of teens.  It occurs mostly due to heart attack.  Also such other diseases as Werner’s Syndrome or Down Syndrome contribute to the premature ageing process too.

Thus, these are the various factors that contribute to premature ageing.  Some of these factors can be avoided with proper care and medications as well as some unwanted habits can be changed to stop this process of premature ageing.

It is upon you to change yourself if you have to stop this dreadful process from advancing upon you each day of your life.

We will discuss ways and treatments for prevention of premature ageing in the next discussion.

Coming up : How to prevent Premature Ageing

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