Wednesday, 7 March 2012


SUMMER CAMPS are the most sought-after activities during summertime when the schools close down.  These camps are the ideal activity centers for kids who are mostly attached to the video-games and watching movies on the internet or the Television. 

Children need to have some kind of activity so as to develop their personality and overall fitness.  Summer camps also provide kids with fond memories of the time they enjoyed with their friends as well as other students they met. 

Along with these, there are quite a few other benefits that a Summer Camp can give your kid.
·        The most important thing a summer camp teaches the kids is the concept of sharing and stresses the importance of teamwork.  A common goal can be achieved by helping each other and to work as a team.  Thus, a summer camp is the ideal way of teaching your kid to work in a team environment, helping out each other and be a part of a team. 
·        Another aspect of a summer camp is that of building up confidence in your kid.  He has to overcome a number of difficulties while going through different activities.  It brings about a feeling of confidence as he tackles the situations all by himself.  It gives him the chance to conquer his fears and instill a belief about himself.
·        There are various summer camps which give importance to outdoor and adventure activities such as swimming, rappelling, climbing hills or crossing valleys.  This gives the kids the courage to fight against their fears of heights or water.  These kids are encouraged to fight against their fears by the trained staff.  Thus these summer camps provide the kids with the confidence to repel their fear and instill a sense of courage in them.
·        Summer camps also provide the children the ideal platform for talking or behaving in a community.  Kids learn how to behave with their friends and mates, learning the various etiquette of eating in a crowd, helping out each other or thinking in a rational and intelligent manner.
·        Residential Summer Camps are the best for kids as they provide the kids with such opportunities as sleeping in a tent along with friends, washing their own clothes, having meals on the go and such other things which they couldn’t have learned at their house.  Thus, the summer camp has the ideal learning environment for kids to transform their way of thinking.
·        The Summer Camp provides the unique opportunity to explore a kid’s ability in his own field of expertise may it be sports, photography, or outdoor adventures.  The kid has the freedom to horn his interest in a particular field.  It gives him a hands-on experience to try out his field of interest.
·        Most of the summer camps are organized outside in the countryside.  The kids get a chance to train in various outdoor sports and thus their physical and mental abilities are brought to the forefront.
·        Summer Camps also provides the kids to enjoy nature and tells the importance of conserving this beautiful and magnificent world.  A kid enjoys his freedom in the lap of nature and gets to know this world better.  Importantly, he gets information on nature, its products and the importance of keeping nature undisturbed.
·        Some indoor summer camps offer training to kids in various handicrafts making and other related activities such as ceramic painting, drawing, crafts and wood work.  These activities help the kids to try out their skills in something new and thus bring out the creativity from within.

Thus, Summer Camps have a lot to offer to the kids along with the normal outdoor activities and fun and frolic.  As such, it is always better to let your kid go to a Summer Camp instead of wasting his time at home fastening his eyes on the TV.

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