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A blog is a diary in which we write our thoughts, the information which we have studied and the knowledge we know.  Blog writing is a passion for many persons and due to this blog writing has been the most informative and most popular of posts over the internet.  People are in search of various information and these blogs provide them with the knowledge they want to know.  Thus Bloggers are a source that ties the knot between the knowledge and the receiver. 

Blogging is also a source of income for many bloggers who are on the internet working for more than 12 – 14 hours, researching on various subjects and writing down articles and posts on various topics and subjects.  There are thousands of bloggers who have made it their profession on blogging.  So if you are really interested to start your career as a full-time professional bloggers, here are few tips for making your blog successful as well as revenue-generating. 

Selecting a Subject – The first thing when you start planning on writing a blog is to know what should be the subject of your blog.  Ideally, write on the subject you know best and which you are comfortable writing about.  It may be health topics or fashion topics or articles on home designs or pet training.  There is lot of information available on the net on various topics and studying them on daily basis will surely add to your knowledge.  Once you have selected your area of writing, it is easy to go through the net and get a number of topics on this subject.

Setting up the blog – So now you have the topics ready for blogging.  You now have to select the platform for your blog.  Try to go in for popular platforms such as Google or Wordpress.  These two have a number of tools that can facilitate you in the long run.  Google is the easier to handle than Wordpress, but on the other hand Wordpress has a more sophisticated and attractive styles to choose from. 

Provide Quality Content – Once you have selected the blog, you are ready to start blogging.  The most important aspect if you want to make a successful blog, is to write quality contents.  Study and research the topic you want to write on.  Find different topics on the subject.  Normally topics such as Health, Travel, Blogging, SEO related topics or Financial Topics are the most popular ones.  Try to write on these topics to attract more traffic to your site. 

Frequency of Blog posts :  To be a successful blogger, the two qualities required are hard-work and patience.  Now that you are creating some quality content on your blog, try to see to it that you post on a daily basis on your blog. For getting higher up in the google search ranking, one has to post at least two articles per day.  This will set the ball rolling for your blog.  Remember that you have to post articles on a daily basis for bringing the traffic to your blog.  Professional bloggers post anything between 2 to 10 posts per day. 

Bringing in the Traffic :  The next step is advertising your blog.  This takes a lot of effort on your part.  Remember that your blog must be known to the web community to get the traffic you need.  The best way is to socialize on the different social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace or Stumbleupon.  These are really great sites for bringing in the traffic. Submitting to various Article Submission sites such as ezinearticles are another ways to be recognized by the blogging community.  Try to give your backlinks on various bookmarking sites for further enhancing your chances of getting traffic.  A good blog should attract around a minimum of 1000 visits per day. 

Time for Monetisation: Till now, I have not told you anything about money.  This is because, to have a successful blog which can attract revenue, one has to first get recognition from the Net users.  Once you have a substantial amount of regular traffic to your blog, you can think of monetizing your blog.  Bring in the advertisements to your blog.  The main sources are GoogleAdsense and Infolinks.  These two give the highest payout on the advertisement they attach to your blog.  There are various other advertisers who can be approached in to attach their advertisement on your blog.

Thus, these are the six steps for you to really have a successful blog which can generate a good revenue in the long term. 

A word of Caution :  Please follow these steps as given above.  Normally a person who begins to write on a blog thinks about the payment that GoogleAdsense is going to give him i.e. in thousands of dollars.  But this is not so.  Please remember that you have to have a well established blog with a good amount of traffic before you approach the advertisers.  Beginners mostly fall in the trap of immediately bringing in the GoogleAdsense advertisements after blogging a month or so and end up having dismal or no revenues.  This may end up stopping the blogging process altogether by the person due to depression of not earning anything.

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