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BUDAPEST, the Capital city of Hungary has a long list of Tourist Destinations which are not easy to cover in a short span of time.  Budapest has so much to give its tourist that it would be like giving non-credit to some of the other destinations which we cannot cover.  But, even then we have tried to give some main attractions of this great city to you.

·        Buda Castle This castle is set atop the Castle Hill for which the best transportation is the historical Funicular Railway.  Here you can get some amazing views from the Fishermen’s Bastion or the Matthias Church.  There is the Faust Wine Cellar where you can enjoy the 50 regional wines of Hungary.  If you are visiting in the Month of August, do visit the Castle Hill for the Festival of Folk Arts.
·        The Baths – A visit to Budapest cannot be complete with a visit to the Healing Baths of Budapest.  These baths have very ancient tradition and one can indulge in some great massages in these places.  It truly rejunivates your mind and body as a whole.  Some of these popular baths may constitute Szechenyi Baths or Rudas Baths.
·        A walk down History – For those interested in History, there is nothing more than to take a walk along
Andrassy Avenue
which showcases the House of Terror, a museum showing the dark regime of the Nazi empire.

·        The Danube Cruise – A boat cruise along the river Danube offers a view of the various rich heritage culture of Budapest.  The UNESCO World Heritage buildings, the Buda Castle, the Parliament Building, the Gresham Palace, the St.Stephen’s Basilica and Margaret Island.  This boat cruise can be a ride which you may cherish for a lifetime.
·        The Operas of Budapest The city of Budapest has a lot to offer in terms of music.   Enjoy the beautiful operas at the Opera House or the classical concerts as St. Stephen’s Basilica.  There is always the Sziget Festival in Hajogyar Island or the Balaton Festival in Zanka which can be enjoyed by the music lovers.

·        Jewish Synagogue i.e. the Jewish Museum is a must-see place to visit in Budapest.  It is located in the old Jewish District of Budapest and if you are lucky you can get to enjoy the Jewish Summer Festival. 
·        Shopping – Budapest is famous for the Hungarian paprika and the tablecloths.  These items should be the top priority while visiting this ancient and beautiful city.  The fruits and vegetables are fresh and juicy and one can purchase these from the local markets. 
·        The Hungarian Cuisine – Hungary is famous for the goose flesh pork.  Duck and wild boar should be on the priority list too.  Try out the Mangalitsa, a delicacy from this amazing region.  Finish these off with the wide variety of Hungarian wines available.  The pastries of Hungary are world famous for their taste and delicacy. 
·        Night Life of Budapest This city is also popular for its exciting nightlife.  Visit the various pubs, clubs and bars to have the time of your life.  

Other Destinations when in Budapest:
·        Take a panoramic view of this city from top of the Gellert Hill.
·        The vistas of Pest from Fishermen’s Bastion are a sight to watch.
·        The architecture of District 8’s Palace is worth a look-see.
·        Visit the WAMP i.e. Budapest’s monthly market of contemporary designers.
·        Walk across the Chain Bridge for a unique experience.
·        Enjoy some scintillating night views of Budapest from the Danube Promenade.
·        If you are visiting with your family, try out the Palace of Miracles.  Your kids would love it.
·        If you are visiting in September, you can enjoy the Budapest International Wine Festival.
·        If you are into arts and music, visit the Palace of Arts and the Ludwig Museum for some really good contemporary art collections.

Budapest is thus the perfect destination for tourists who can enjoy the best out of both worlds.  It has the perfect mix of the modern and the past blended together to form one of world’s unique place. 

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