Thursday, 1 March 2012

Home Remedies for Dark Eye Circles

Dark Circles under the eyes makes the most beautiful woman feel embarrassed.   These dark circles often are the cause of rejection in a number of model portfolio selections. These can also be the cause of depression in various cases.  As such immediate treatment and care should be given to see to it these are taken off and that they do not reappear. 

There are a lot of cosmetic treatments available for dark circles under the eyes.  But the best way is to take them off in the natural way.  For this, home remedies are the perfect treatment for these circles. 

Firstly, let’s see the Causes of these Dark Circles.
·        It is often seen that these dark circles can be due to family background i.e. it is in the genetics of the family.  It is often found in fair skinned person. 
·        Secondly, there is the problem of ageing of skin.  As we advance with age, the fat pad which is located under the eyes becomes thin causing a transparency in the skin which makes the blood vessels visible.  This causes the skin to look dark.  
·        Sun rays too have a large part to play in the skin patches becoming dark.  This is also due to the fact that the skin is thinner around the eyes and sun rays burn this part of the skin quite easily if we stay under the sun longer than necessary.
·        Lack of sleep is another cause of dark circles under the eyes.  Lack of sleep makes the skin pale making the blood vessels visible through the skin.  This in turn makes the skin under the eyes appear black.
·        Other causes may be due to dehydration or lack of water content in the body.  Also Iron deficiency may cause this disorder and is commonly known as Iron deficiency anemia.
·        Excess of dietary salts in the diet as well as smoking can be other causes of dark circles.  They may bring about fluid retention which makes the blood vessels under the eyes dilate and become large. 

Taking all the above factors into consideration, it is absolutely essential to follow some habits as well as try to reduce these effects by way of Home Remedies.  They can be as follows -
·        Cucumber juice or Potato juice can be an ideal home remedy for dark circles.  Apply this juice to the affected area every night before sleeping.  Even keeping cucumber slices over the eyes may help you out.
·        Try making a drink out of tomato juice, mint leaves, lemon juice and salt.  A good diet for dark circles.
·        If you have used cold tea bags, don’t throw them out in the waste basket.  Apply these to the black circles under the eyes and you will be amazed by the results you get.
·        Applying a paste of turmeric power and pineapple juice to the affected part can also be the perfect home remedy for dark circles. 
·        Mix a teaspoon of tomato juice with half teaspoon of lemon juice.  Add to this a pinch each of turmeric and gram flour.  Mix this well and them keep it aside for 10 minutes.  Apply this paste under the eyes for effective treatment of dark circles.
·        Almond oil massage can also be tried out as almond has the necessary vitamins to fade off the dark circles.
·        Alternatively, application of crushed mint leaves for 20 minutes to the affected dark circles can be tried out.
·        A paste made out of crushed almond and milk is also a very good home remedy for dark circles under the eyes.
·        Foods containing antioxidant pigments may help in strengthening blood vessels.  They foods may include cranberries, black or green tea, black currants, legumes and onions.

Along with these Home Remedies for dark circles, there are certain habits that have to be practiced by women who want to stay away from this disorder.  They may include-
·        Using sun glasses when going out in the sun.  Also wear sunscreen lotion with a minimum of SPF 30 under the eyes.
·        Drinking a good amount of water.
·        A minimum of 8 hours of sleep is required.
·        Apply vitamin E and C creams. 
·        Apply Cotton balls dipped in rose water for the eyes.
·        Eating vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin E.
·        Practicing yoga may been a huge advantage for skin glowing.  Try out Sarvang-asana or jal-netri asanas.
·        Abstain from habits such as smoking or eating junk foods.

The above habits may surely help you out to remove or reduce the dark circles under the eyes.  Trying out these home remedies can be the most natural way of removing that ugly circles from under your eyes and making you feel more comfortable.  This goes a long way in enhancing your confidence.


  1. The blood capsule under the eye are very thin and when these capsules worn out, the blood leaks which is shown dark red in color and yes it is the dark circles. It is important to avoid going in sunlight.


  2. For ridding yoruself of dark circles or at best, reducing them, drink an 8 oz. glass of warm water and 1 whole lemon.This should be done first thing in the morning before you eat anything. It also helps at cleansing your liver because it acts as a detoxifier.use eye creams but only which is having natural ingredients