Thursday, 1 March 2012

Expertscolumn - The Hidden Gem

Article writing is one of the most popular and genuine online income generation methods on the web.  People who love to write on various subjects or on a specialized subject of their choice are finding it a good source of income along with their passion for writing.  There are various sites which offer good upfront revenues for these articles as well as payment is also made on page-view basis.  A good writer earns a substantial income by way of submitting his articles to these sites to be published on their behalf. 

But writing articles is not a get-rich-quickly method of gaining wealth.  A writer has to work hard in the initial period of his career as a free-lance writer.  There are different ways by which one can earn income from article writing.  For beginners, it is usually very hard to earn any amount at all in the first few months of their writing career.  This is due to the fact that it takes time for the person to gain recognition through the reading community. 

Most of us have already been submitting articles to various sites for getting them published.  These sites offer revenue on page-per-views basis i.e. normally 1000 views.  For a beginner it is very hard to get even 100 views in a month, let alone 1000 views.  At times like this it is really frustrating to see your income in cents i.e. 0.10 or 0.20 cents per month. 

The same is the case with blogs.  If you have your own blog site it is usually very hard to find traffic for your content, even if you are writing quality articles.  Even your advertisement income is paltry and comes to nothing.

Today, I would like to give you very good information regarding a site which is the best site for beginners as well as professional writers.  This is Expertscolumn.  Expertscolumn is an online article submission site as any other.  But there is a vast difference in the regular sites and Expertscolumn.  Here in Expertscolumn one can republish their original articles submitted to other sites too i.e. you can republish each and every article you have published before in your name.  Remember, the author’s name has to match with the articles or else they can be rejected.  You can write the articles on your blog and at the same time publish them on Expertscolumn.  You get the advantage of earning twice on a single article.

The rules for submission too are very easy.  You can submit about anything from articles, blog writing, poetry, news or research papers to this site.  Once you submit your articles, just lay back and enjoy the views you get from expertscolumn.  A good article gives you really good views. 

But there are certain factors which you have to remember while submission to this site.
·        You should submit at least about 50 articles for getting some kind of income.
·        The more articles you submit the more income they may generate for you.
·        Serious passive earnings can start only after submission of 500 or more articles.
·        Do not copy articles of other authors as they get rejected.
·        You can also market your article to various Social Networking sites for getting increased traffic.  But do not go in for PTC or other traffic generation sites as you may be banned from Expertscolumn. 

For reference to Expertscolumn follow this link:  

The pay-per-view rate is also good in relation to other sites i.e. a 100 views per day can get you around 0.12 to 0.15  per day and that is good if you compare to some other sites.  Getting 100 views per day for beginners is easy to get if you have submitted around 60-70 articles.  The minimum payout is 5$ which can be easily achieved in 2 months of joining.  Expertscolumn pays you through Paypal as well as Moneybookers.

I have been submitting my blog articles and articles from other sites to Expertscolumn and I find it very advantageous.  In fact, I am earning the best rate in Expertscolumn than any other sites where I have been submitting my articles, and that too on my republished articles. 

I strongly recommend Expertscolumn for all Article Writers, may it be the beginners or the professional writers.  In fact, it is the best site for earning some passive income from your already published articles. 

Expertscolumn is truly the Hidden Gem on the Web.

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