Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mistletoe Herb and its uses

This astonishing Herb known as Mistletoe Herb (Viscum album) is a parasite which grows on tree branches and is found on fruit trees and oaks.  This herb is mainly found in England, Europe and Asia. 

Mistletoe Herb is a very important ingredient in the treatment of Cancer and is been used by many countries in the form of liquid extract or capsules.  The herb comes in three forms i.e. dried leaves, capsules and liquid extracts.  Mistletoe Tea is prepared by adding 5 gms of chopped Mistletoe leaves along with 250ml of water.  This mixture is to be kept overnight or for a minimum of 12 hours before consumption.     Along with its main use in Cancer, Mistletoe Herb is also used for treating disorders such as Arteriosclerosis, Depression, Irregular heartbeats, tensions, ulcers and even urinary disorders.  

Treating Cancer – This is the most common and important use of Mistletoe Herb.  It is said to help cancer patients although it is yet to be proved as to how it is useful. There are certain chemicals in Mistletoe which are said to benefit the antitumor activity, but studies are still going on regarding its effectiveness in the long term.  But the extracts of this herb is injected prior to surgery.  Also Mistletoe Herb Tea is prescribed for patients suffering from cancer.

For Menopause treatment - Mistletoe is also a popular herb during the treatment of menopause.  It helps in reduction of certain symptoms such as heart palpitation, abnormal circulation, anxiety and hot flushes during menopause.  A woman is normally prescribed Mistletoe in the form of tea or dried leaves during menopause.   But this has to be taken only under medical guidance.

Lowering Blood Pressure -  It is found that Mistletoe Herb is advantageous for patients suffering from high blood pressure.  Mistletoe Herb helps in lowering the blood pressure and keeping it in check.  As such, a cup of this medicinal herb is always useful for such patients.

During Menstruation Cycle – This is another use of this medicinal herb.  Women having heavy menstrual flow can use this herb.  It can also be a treatment for disorders such as uterine infection or chronic cramping effects during the menstrual period.  It is also said to improve fertility in women.

Along with the above benefits of Mistletoe Herb, it also helps in treatment of tinnitus, different kinds of wounds, diarrhea and asthma.

Side Effects of Mistletoe Herb: There are certain side effects of this herb.  It may include diarrhea, hallucinations, severe fever, seizures, dehydration or delirium.  It is always safe to use this herb after due consultation with your doctor.

Word of Caution: Mistletoe Herb should not be taken along with alcohol or other drugs such as cold, lower blood pressure or allergy sedatives.  It is also to not to be taken if you are using heart medicines and it may risk a cardiac slow-down in the long term. Breast-feeding moms are advised against taking this herb in any form as it may stimulate the uterus.  This drug should be used sparingly as it has highly toxicating values which may affect the liver in the long term.  Also due to this quality of Mistletoe, it is essential to keep it outside the reach of children. The berries of most Mistletoe plants are poisonous and should not be consumed. 

Taking all these points into consideration, it is always advantageous to use this herb to your benefit if due care is taken in its usage.

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