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Natural Remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes is a dreadful disorder which one has to live with for the rest of his life.  It is a disease which is not curable. This is because of the fact that there is no production of insulin in the body or a reduction in insulin process.  The only thing is to keep the blood glucose under control all the time. It is usually done by way of a carefully planned diet program as well as regular medicines.

A person can live a normal life in Diabetes provided that he keeps control on his sugar levels.  There are a number of natural and herbal remedies that can be used for persons suffering from Diabetes. 

·        Bitter Melon – Bitter Melon has proved to be one of the best natural remedies for Diabetes.  This is due to the fact that Bitter Melon has a rich content of insulin which is needed during diabetes.  It thus helps to reducing your blood sugar levels.  Bitter Melon juice can be taken twice a day on an empty stomach to get your daily dose of insulin. On the other hand, bitter melon recipes can be tried out each day mixing it up with your local vegetables.
·        Gymnema Sylvestre -  This is a herb which is being used as a natural remedy against diabetes.  Ayurveda has prescribed this herb as a natural remedy for type 1 and type 2 of the diabetes stages.
·        Banaba Herb – This is another natural remedy for diabetes.  This is due to the fact that Banaba, also known as ‘plant-insulin’ is known to have insulin contents which can help in the fight against diabetes.  It is mostly used in Philippines as well as Japan. Japanese people use it in the form of Banaba Tea.  This tea is quite popular in Japan amongst the diabetes patients. 
·        Garlic – Garlic is said to be the best ingredient for lowering the blood sugar levels as well as it provides a healthy blood circulation in the body.  As such garlic can be consumed raw or it can be easily mixed up with your various recipes enhancing their flavor. 
·        Cinnamon – Along with Garlic, Cinnamon is another ingredient which is used as a natural remedy  for diabetes. Cinnamon lowers the blood sugar levels.   It also prevents the blood glucose levels from reaching a high peak. A daily dose of cinnamon in your local food can give you an additional benefit in terms of health.
·        Green Tea -  Green tea is an important remedy for diabetes.  It is found to absorb the glucose in the intestine.  This helps in lowering the blood sugar levels.  Also green tea enhances the insulin and its action in the body to about 15 times the normal.  It is due to the catechin EGCG component found in green tea.
·        Fenugreek -  Fenugreek has a amino acid called 4-hydroxyisoleucine which helps in stimulation of insulin in the pancreas.  It also acts as a resistance against reduction of insulin.  There are various alkaloids like gentianine, trigonelline and carpaine which too help against diabetes.  As such it is the most natural cure for diabetes.
·        Vitamin C – Vitamin C contains certain antioxidants which reduces the condition known as atherosclerosis which is commonly related to diabetes.  It also helps in lowering the high blood sugar levels in the body. 
·        CayenneCayenne powder is a great remedy for diabetes.  It increases the metabolism in the body and helps to fight diabetes.
·        Bittergourd – Bittergourd has all the ingredients which help to reduce the sugar in the blood.  This is an ideal natural remedy for diabetes.

Along with these Natural Remedies for Diabetes, there are certain other substances which help in reducing the blood sugar level.  These may include Onion, the Indian Plum known as Jamun, Turmeric, curry leaves or even Bael fruit. 

Having such an assortment of Herbal and Natural remedies should obviously help you out in the long term.  But you should always remember that Diabetes is uncurable and as such keeping your Blood Sugar Levels constant is the only way you are going to fight against this disease. 

Certain habits have to be followed by a Diabetic Patient :
·        Make your foods in less amount of oil.
·        Avoid such foods as coffee, sugar, alcohol or flour.
·        Try to eat milk products and fruits.
·        Reduce the intake of salt and sugar in your daily diet.
·        Eat a low fat diet consisting mostly of leafy vegetables and fruits.
·        Junk Food is not acceptable in any amount for a diabetic person.
·        Avoid rice and white bread.

Adhering to the above mentioned habit formation would surely make your life easy and normal.  This could be the ideal way for a diabetic person to stay fit and healthy. 


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