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Gestational Diabetes is the diabetes that is found in pregnant women who doesn’t have any previous history of diabetes.  This is a type of diabetes which occurs in almost 5% of all pregnancies and according to surveys it is found that Gestational Diabetes affects 2,00,000 patients every year in the United States alone.

In Gestational diabetes the blood sugar levels rise during pregnancy coming back to normalcy after birth.  This is due to the fact that sometimes during pregnancy, the spread of hormones block the action of insulin which is needed for the production of that extra glucose needed for the baby’s growth.  This shortage in insulin gives way to Gestational Diabetes.  This disease normally occurs during the 2nd half of the pregnancy period and stays till the mother has given birth to the child.

Testing for Gestational Diabetes:
There are two methods for testing of Gestational Diabetes.  The first is called as Oral Glucose Tolerance Test in which the woman is told to fast for 6-8 hours and then tested for blood sugar, after which a sugar drink is given and test is performed again.

The second type of testing is blood sugar levels after an hour of sugar drink intake.  If found that the blood sugar levels are high, than a tolerance test is conducted to diagnose the diabetes.

Diet during Gestational Diabetes:
Proper Diet is the most important factor while dealing with Gestational Diabetes.  Choosing the right foods that provide proper nutrition to the mother and the baby is required.  It is required for the overall development of the baby.  This diet can improve the cholesterol levels, the blood pressure as well as the blood glucose. 

The first step in this direction should be to choose the right dietician.  Speaking with your Obstetrician for recommending the right person should be the perfect choice. 

The best diet for a Gestational Diabetic patient should include green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, skimmed milk and low fat foods.  These foods include the proper amount of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and calories.  Raw food is the best food for this disorder but one can use light cooking. 

There are some precautions that have to be followed during the diet:
·        Keep your carbohydrate levels balanced as they may bring about a spurt in your blood sugar levels.
·        Excessive amount of Meat and Dairy products should be avoided.
·        Processed food like sweets, sodas or bread should be cancelled off the list.

Green vegetables can be eaten by way of smoothies made of spinach, parsley, kale or lettuce.  Along with these, whole grains, nuts, seeds or beans can make up your everyday diet.  Excessive amount of dairy products or meat should be avoided as it may raise the calories which can affect the blood sugar levels.

The Ideal Daily Diet may consists of
·        Breakfast – A fresh fruit (gapes can do), 1 boiled egg, a slice of bread (wheat) with low fat margarine.
·        In-between – A glassful of skimmed milk along with whole grain bread topped with peanut butter.
·        Lunch – Black beans (cooked), tomatoes, some low-fat cheddar cheese along with salsa.
·        In-between – A fresh fruit (Apple can do) along with skimmed milk.
·        Dinner – Grilled or boiled chicken (skinless), a fruit (Pineapple), cooked beans and some sesame seeds.

This is just a sample of the diet and one can make the necessary alterations keeping in mind the nutrients collected from the diet.

Always see to it that your control you diet during the period.  Gestational diabetes normally does not create any complications during pregnancy.  But some disorders may arise.
·        A disorder known as hypoglycemia whereas the baby’s blood sugar level is low.
·        Macrosomia in which the baby’s body is larger than normal size.
·        Jaundice is a normal phenomenon in some babies.
·        Respiratory Distress Syndrome which occurs due to respiratory disorders.
·        Low mineral levels in blood.

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