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Located near the European countries of Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Herzegovina is a gem of a country called CROATIA, with some really magnificent hidden treasures.  This small country is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world as more and more tourists throng this country each other.

The Amazing Dubrovnik:
Some stunning sights, a number of islands and fantastic beaches make this country a must-see destination as well as a perfect gateway for that romantic outing you want to enjoy with your loved one.

The main towns of Croatia include Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, along with Dubrovnik and Split.  These are fast gaining importance as tourist destinations due to their unique qualities.

This is the economic and cultural heart of the country.  If you and your partner are interested in Archeological and historical findings, this is the best place to be visiting.  There are a number of monuments which date back to 1794 and even before that.  Some of the main attractions in the city of Zagreb are –
·        Gradec & Kaptol in Gornji Grad dating back to the middle ages.
·        St.Mark’s church and St. Catherine’s church.
·        Dolac – Open air market.
·        Glavni Kolodvor – Railway station of Zagreb.

·        Croatian National Theatre and Academy of Arts and Sciences.
·        Museum of Arts and Crafts.
·        Mimara Museum of Paintings, sculptures and ceramics.

Another main attraction of Zagreb is Maksimir, a planned park with stunning landscapes.  This park has a number of small lakes, pavilions, and even sculptures of the 18th century.  This is the ideal place for a romantic walk through its botanical gardens. 

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and another reason to visit Croatia.  It is considered to be the jewel of Croatia and is known as ‘The Jewel of the Adriatics’.  This town has been preserved in its past form with Terra cotta roofed houses and small churches.  It is as it you are taking a walk through a medieval past period.  The 2 km long city walls make the perfect elevated platform to observe the treasures that Dubrovnik has to offer along with its fortress and towers with small painted buildings peeking out through dense undergrowth of trees. 

The popular archeological and historical monuments of Dubrovnik include –
·        Rector’s Palace dating back to the 16th century.
·        The Franciscan Monastery which is Europe’s oldest pharmacy.
·        The Cathedral, the Jesuit church and St.Blaise’s church.
·        Maritime Museum of navy.

Every year, in the months of summer around mid-July, the famous Dubrovnik Summer Festival is organized which portrays a number of cultural activities including classical, jazz music and theater performances.

Just roam through this medieval city with your sweetheart and experience a thrill of walking back through the past years of history.

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site of Croatia.  This beautiful city was founded around 3rd Century BC by Emperor Diocletian.  The main attractions of this city are –
·    The Roman Peristil along with its Roman Bell Tower which dates back to 13th century.
·     Museum of Croatian Archeological Monuments
·     Mestrovic Gallery.
·     The Marjan, a spot high above the city where you can get some stunning views of the Adriatic.
·     Summer Festival of Split.

If you are tired of seeing all these Archeological and historical destinations in Croatia, then there are still a lot of other activities to indulge in for the perfect Romantic Gateway.

Romantic Schedule for Croatia:
·        The Beaches and islands of Croatia welcomes you to a vast shoreline which is nothing but magnificent.  Just laze out and enjoy the sunshine on the pebbled beaches with their emerald-blue water.  These are truly great destinations if you want to enjoy a bit of privacy and silent atmosphere.  Enjoy the seafood which has an Italian flavor to it or go on a fishing expedition to catch some really big fishes hiring a boat.
·        Private cruises are available if you two want to have a ball at sea.  Get some ice-cold beer and look at the coastal splendor of Croatia as it passes by you.
·        Hire a car and drive through the small towns and villages along the coastline with their unique culture.
·        If you are into sports, Croatia offers some very good opportunities for mountain sports and skiing in winter at the town of Bjelolusica.
·        Go for a romantic outing to Krk Island, Croatia’s largest island.  Indulge in various water sports or just relax for an evening at one of the many resorts and hotels available at Krk.
·        Pag Island is another island with its uniqueness in hand embroidery and of course the taste cheese of Pag.

Plitvice Lake National Park :-
A visit to Croatia cannot be finished without a visit to one of the most beautiful National Parks of Europe, if not of the world.  The Plitvice Lakes National Parks consists of 16 lakes which are linked together by natural dams.  This place has a dense undergrowth of forests and a number of water falls.  This gives it a unique colorful combination of green and blue.  The park, opened in 1949 and again in 1979 is UNESCO World Heritage Site No.3 of Croatia.  This site is also named as ‘Disneyland of Natural world’ because of the various natural locations in has.  Once can enjoy activities like Biking, cycling or hiking in this wonderful destination.  Kayaking and canoeing are also available.

If you are visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park, try to stay overnight at the Korana Village which is situated at the entrance of the park.  A truly magnificent and stunning landscape surrounds Korana village with small houses and streams along with a dense cover of forest.  It is the most ideal location for having a dream romantic outing.

Enjoy your Romantic Gateway in Croatia and you will not regret it.

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