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High Blood pressure or Hypertension is treated mostly by taking medical prescriptions along with a healthy and strict diet.  This diet has to be followed throughout his lifespan by the patient.  Food forms a very important part in containing high blood pressure. Foods that are low in sodium or low in fats are most prescribed.  But along with these foods, there are certain foods that can help to maintain your blood pressure on a daily basis. 

For reducing your blood pressure, there are certain plant based diets consisting of fruits and vegetables that go a long way to help you during this period. 

·        Parsley – Parsley is the ideal food for those having high blood pressure.  It contains nutrients which are useful for maintaining the blood vessels as well as protecting the capillaries. Parsley can also be taken in the liquid form and can be consumed on a daily basis.

·        Potatoes – Potatoes boiled with their skin on can be a salt-free diet for patients suffering from hypertension.  They contain minerals such as Magnesium and Calcium which are ideal in maintaining the blood pressure.
·        Carrot Juice or Spinach Juices – These juices can bring about lowering of blood pressure and can be taken on a daily basis to ward of high blood pressure. 
·        Watermelon – Another fruit which helps to reduce blood pressure is Watermelon.  The seeds of watermelon too contain substance which can dilate the blood vessels thus lowering the blood pressure.  These seeds can be roasted and then eaten.
·        Rice – Rice Contains low fat, low salt and low cholesterol.  All these properties combine to make rice a very good remedy for Hypertension. Brown rice has an added pinch of calcium which can relax the Nervous system, helping the overall blood pressure. 
·        Lemon – Lemon is another food that can be used to reduce Blood Pressure.  It contains vitamin P which is found in the peels as well as in the Juice.  It is also helpful in preventing capillary delicateness.

·        Garlic – Among all the other foods that are discussed above, Garlic is the most important remedy for reducing Blood Pressure.  This is due to the fact that it reduces the pulse rate as well as maintains the symptoms of blood pressure such as dizziness and shortness of breath. 
·        Celery – Celery and Celery roots are ideal for patients suffering from high blood pressure.  This is due to the fact that celery contains phytochemicals called phthalides which are useful for relaxing the increased blood flow.  Eating four stalks of celery daily are the ideal dosage for a patient. 
·        Cold-Water Fish – These fishes are rich in omega-3 which is the best remedy for lowering blood pressure and other cardiovascular benefits.  Omega-3 reduces the risk of heart attacks and stroke.  Fishes such as cod, trout or tuna are the ideal source of omega-3.  Omega-3 is a natural blood thinner which and one can benefit from building of clots in veins and arteries leading to high blood pressure.
·        Broccoli – Broccoli has important antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.  Broccoli is rich in vitamin C along with minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.  All these helps in brings down your blood pressure.  Broccoli can be eaten by steaming the veggie and drinking the juice. It is also said that Broccoli promotes excretion of lead, thus helping in relaxing the muscles and increasing the blood flow. 
·        Dandelion – Dandelion is said to be a storehouse of natural remedies for different ailments, reducing the blood pressure being one of them.  It is also good for other parts of the body such as eyes, skin and liver.  Dandelion releases excessive sodium without the loss of potassium which is an important function for reducing the blood pressure by constricting the blood vessels.  The magnesium present in Dandelion also helps in dissolving the blood clots thus reducing blood clots and helping better blood flow in the body.
·        Whole-grain Oats – These are the best source of fiber and magnesium which are both beneficial for reducing blood pressure.  Whole-grain oats also slow down the atherosclerosis that occurs in blood vessels.
·        Berries – Berries such as blue berries, strawberries and raspberries are the perfect fruits for reducing blood pressure.  This is due to a rich content of fiber, vitamin C and potassium in them.  Also, blueberries have a compound called pterostilbene that can prevent plague building in the arteries.  This is also an added advantage of these berries in reducing blood pressure.

These foods go a long way in controlling your blood pressure and help you to lead a normal life which is healthy as well as safe. 

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