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Short hair is a common problem faced by many of us. We often resort to taking that vitamin pills, or going in for that medical options.    It is always beneficial to have long hair which grows faster.  For this there are certain methods by which we can make the hair grow faster, the natural way.   

·        Massaging your Scalp – A scalp massage is always good for the hair.  It is the perfect way to promote blood circulation which is required to stimulate the hair growth in the scalp.  If you use such oils as rosemary or coconut oil they can help you get the proper nourishment for your hair. Hot oil massage is the best option for this.  The proper way of massaging your scalp is to rub your fingers gently through the scalp in a circulatory motion for a few minutes. 
·        Home Hair Packs – There are home packs which can be prepared quite easily.  One of the simplest one is by mixing up a tablespoon of honey and one egg yolk.  Mix it up properly and apply it to the scalp.  Leave this hair pack for about half an hour to get better results.  Rinse the hair with warm water and remove this mixture.  This treatment should be used at least once a week to get good results.
·        Oil Therapy – Use a mixture of the three essential oils such as Lavender Oil (3 drops), Rosemary Oil (5 drops) and Sage Essential Oil (2 drops) in 1 litre of water.  Apply them to the scalp washing it after some time with lukewarm water. 
·        Hair Trimming – This is a technique which is followed by many people. It is said that trimming your hair quite often can initiate a faster hair growth.  This method helps to remove the split ends from your hair.  But does it help to growth your hair faster?  This is still a method which has to be proved. 
·        Diet Requirements – The best food for hair growth is the one which consists of iron, proteins and Vitamin B.   As such your diet should consist of food which is rich in these nutrients.  For this fruits and vegetables such as spinach, green bell pepper, milk, fish, strawberries, tomatoes, bananas, yogurt and whole grain products are absolutely essential. 
·        The Stress Factor – Hair growth also depends on some mental problems.  These may relate to stress and depression.  It has been found that stress and insufficient sleep can, in fact, pose serious disorders in your hair leading to such problems as dandruff, hair loss and premature whitening of hair.  For this keep that stress out of your body.  Go in for yoga exercises such as deep breathing. Also try to get a proper sleep during the night.
·        Keeping off that Dye – Hair dye is the most unwanted procedure for hair.  In order to keep your hair healthy and long, do not use chemicals of any sort on your hair.  Hair dye damages the hair and makes it dry and brittle. Unhealthy hair can never grow faster and longer.  Also, if absolutely essential to use hair dye, try to reduce the frequency of the dye application.
·        Avoid Blow-dryers – Hot air through the blow-dryers makes your scalp hot and dry.  For keeping your hair healthy, the scalp should always be moist and as such refrain from using blow-dryers on a daily basis. They may damage your overall hair growth in the long term.  Go in for less heating appliances or styles such as curling iron or flat iron as they produce low heat.  Also if you have to use the blow-dryers, try using them with the cold settings.
·        The Conditioning Effect – Use of conditioners is a good way of keeping your hair healthy and promoting the effect of faster growth.  Try using mild conditioners once a week and leave it for around 3-4 minutes before washing it off. While using these conditioners, try to apply it on the lower half of the hair.  This really stimulate faster hair growth. 
·        Cleaning the scalp – Removing the unwanted residue which tends to accumulate on the scalp is another way of improving your hair growth.  These residues disturb the hair growth procedure as it clogs the hair follicles.  Try using a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water to remove this dead skin.
·        A healthy Lifestyle – A healthy body activates the hair growth to a great extent.  Always follow a healthy lifestyle.  This may consist of eating enough fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, drinking ample amount of water each day and exercising on a daily basis.  Refrain from unhealthy habits such as over-drinking, smoking or eating those unhygienic food items.  A healthy lifestyle may not only give benefit to your hair, but also to other parts of the body such as nails, skin and eyes too. 

These methods are very simple to follow and can be tried out on a daily basis for improving your overall hair growth and making it grow faster. 


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