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Romantic Gateways of the World - JAMAICA

JAMAICA is a very popular destination for having the most Romantic Gateway.  As the   third largest island in the Caribbean, it is a cultural and historical paradise of the region.  It is also the capital of the Caribbean islands and one of the largest cities. 
This tropical paradise brings out the real spice in your romance with some of the most exotic locations that are on offering.  The beauty of the wide beaches, a number of mountain hideaways, and some stunning tropical forests and above it the reggae rhythms which make you sway to their tunes.

The Caribbean dishes make it the topping of your cake with the local flavors and spices.

Go on a hiking adventure among the forest route, or explore the rugged terrains on a horseback, or watch the fabulous waterfalls that are ever-present to refresh your mind and body, Jamaica has it all, and a little more.  And of course, if you get tired of all these, there are the lovely beachside resorts in Jamaica for you to share that intimate time with each other. 

Some of the main attractions in Jamaica include the Dunn’s River falls, which is a 600-foot waterfall which can be climbed by a natural ‘staircase’, which is at times risky but worth it.  A perfect destination for some photo memories.  Dunn’s river falls can be an ideal location for that lazy sun-bathing you can prefer to have.  This fall regenerates itself from the travertine rocks.

Another natural wonder along the coast is Luminous Lagoon (Glistening waters), a truly romantic destination.  Here you can see a wonder you have never seen before.  After sunset visit the town of Falmouth where boat rides are available to take you to the bay where you will see the sea shimmering in florescent white and blue lights.  These are due to a micro-organism called dinoflagellates which strive where salt and fresh water combines.  Take a dip in these waters as you are covered with these magical lights.  The duration of this boat ride is 45 minutes.

7-mile beach in Negril is another ideal location for a Romantic excursion.  This location will definitely recharge your relations.  This is a must-see destination of Jamaica.  Lined with towering cliffs and ever busy crowds, this is a very popular destination for all tourists.  Negril has a picturesque coast and sandy beach which has a number of 5-star resorts you can enjoy staying in.

Along with these, there are a number of tourist destinations in Jamaica that are worth visiting.

·        Falmouth  This is fast becoming the most popular tourist resort in Jamaica.  It was given the status of a resort in 2005 and has a number of heritage sites.
·        Montego Bay is by far the main Jamaican tourist destination.  One can enjoy a lot of beach activities at Montego Bay.  Snorkeling in the blue emerald clear sparkling waters are really a unique experience.  Play with some big size fishes as they caress your skin.  Also available are the river rafting activities.
·        Another tourist spot is the treasure beach with its scenic beauty and rugged mountainside.  It has a while sandy beach which attracts a lot of visitors who are spell-bound by its natural beauty.
·        Marthe Brae offers you an ideal location to get a sunbath as well as for a trip along the Marthe Brae River on a ‘Bamboo raft’.  This is a 20-mile long experience for the wild at heart.

·        If you like nature, Coho Rios is the ideal place for you. A beautiful place with waterfalls, rivers and beaches to enjoy a number of activities.  A popular destination for the tourists.
·        Port Antonio, the playground of the rich and famous is a place, is a beautiful destination with its stunning landscapes and beaches. 
·        If you enjoy shopping, Jamaica has its own ‘Hip Strip’ at Montego Bay where you will find a number of shops, restaurants and clubs.  Just enjoy shopping for various mementos and articrafts.  The Jamaican coffee should be a must in your shopping list.  This world famous coffee is made from fresh coffee beans from the various coffee crops along the Jamaican region. 
·        Dine in any of the restaurants for an authentic Jamaican cuisine which lingers on your tongue for quite a while. 
·        The night life of Jamaica too is very lively with the local reggae rhythms making it all the more romantic.

Along with these, there are a number of other tourist destinations which make Jamaica one of the most sought-after tourist spot.  It could just be the romantic gateway you could be looking for.

Planning a wedding in Jamaica can also be arranged at the various resorts and churches and travel agencies are eager to include an all inclusive package for a memorable wedding and honeymoon in Jamaica.

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