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Top 5 Article Submission Sites for Indian Writers

Among the various revenue generation sources from the Internet, Article Writing has proved to be the best method of earning some great money.  It is indeed a way to earn some good money and many writers are earning through Article Writing as their main source of income. 

Article writing has become a source of revenue for a number of people all over the world.  More and more people are getting attracted to this new source of gaining money.  As the tentacles of internet become more spread out, there are a lot of opportunities for emerging writers. 

Article writing is an art which has to be mastered if one has to earn some good amount of money from it.  There are numerous opportunities for an article writer if he has good command over English language and has creativity in his articles.  Also, tools such as SEO will obviously enhance his writing skills and popularity.

At the same time, it has been found that a lot of Article Writing opportunities are available for writers outside India.  Most of the sites which offer great opportunities are also based outside India.  As such Indian writers who want to enter into this field find it very hard to compete with the strict rules and regulations of these sites and obviously find it difficult to earn through their articles.  But nowadays some Indian Article Writing sites are available to the Indian Writers where they can earn some good revenue by beginning their writing career on the Internet.  I have chosen 5 of the best writing sites here which can help the Indian writers.

These sites are Free-lance writing sites as well as Pay Per View sites and offer upfront money to the writer. 

1)  I rate this site as the best Free-Lance Article Writing Site for Indian Writers.  This is because they have a great payment structure where one can easily earn around 10,000-15,000 per month from writing articles.  Based in Panchkula, Ayushveda offers great compensation for writing articles on various subjects like Health, Technology, Travel or Fashion.  One has to choose the subject to write on from Ayushveda’s vast directory of SEO enhanced topics.  Ayushveda has a number of websites where they publish your article.  The rules for submission are very strict and one has to write quality articles only.  Special emphasis is paid to grammar and pronunciation of sentences.  They have a grade system in which if a writer is found below the level of 5.0 points, he is removed from the membership and barred from writing any more articles.  Ayushveda currently pays Rs.120/- for a 500+ words and Rs.80/- for a 350+ words article which is great for a beginner and the highest rate for an Indian Site.  The payment is made every fortnight (15 days) i.e. twice a month.  The minimum payout is Rs.2500/- and payment is prompt and made through direct bank transfer to your account.  Ayushveda strives on quality of the article you submit and as such one has to maintain top quality writing material to earn from Ayushveda.

The selection procedure is simple, where in you have to register as a member and have to submit two sample articles of your writing material.  If selected, you can start immediately.

2) This is another site which can be rated as a good one for Indian writers.  The most favorable part of Expertscolumn is that you can submit your already published articles on this site.   Please take care to see that your author name is the same as the one you submit for other site or your articles may get rejected.  This sites pays you on per 1000 views and their current rate is anywhere between 1.50 to 2.00 $ per 1000 views.  This is a good source of passive income for the writers as you can always submit your published articles to Expertscolumn and find your income grow.  But at the same time, to earn some seriously money from this site, you should be patient and have at least around 300-400 articles submitted to Expertscolumn.  The registration process is quite simple and payment is through altertpay and direct bank transfer for Indians only.  The minimum payout is 5$. 
3) :  Exposeknowledge is an Article Submission site which pays up-front payment to the writer on the articles being approved.  The payout is very less as compared to Ayushveda but they are a bit lenient on their approval system.  You can virtually submit articles on any subject and they may get approved.  Their payment system consists in the range of 0.40 $ to 1.20 $ depending on the quality and uniqueness of the content.  Along with the up-front bonus, there is a point system in Exposeknowledge wherein you get points on submitting articles, forum posting or referring members.  The points can be changed with cash incentives and the current rate is around 3.00 $ per 1000 points.  There is no grading system in Exposeknowledge and as such writers can write articles as per their choice.  They either get accepted or rejected.  Minimum payout is 20$ and they pay through paypal/alertpay.  A good site for beginners.

4) Boddunan is an Indian site which is gaining in popularity among the Indian writers for quite some time.  Boddunan is an article writing site as well as a social networking site.  Around Rs.25 to Rs.50 per article are given on each article depending on the quality.  As with Exposeknowledge, Boddunan too offers points on various forum discussions and referring system.  They even have weekly contests where one can participate for gaining cash rewards.  Along with this Boddunan distributes a part of its advertising income to its active members and the current rate is around Rs.60/- for 1000 points collected.  One can easily earn around Rs.2000/- to Rs.2500/- per month from Boddunan.  But you have to give at least 2 to 3 hours of your time each day to earn from Boddunan.  The registration process is also simple and free.  Payment is made through cheque and the minimum payout is Rs.1500/-.

5)  This is a very popular site among Indian students.  Indiastudychannel (ISC) is an educational site which offers revenue to the students who participate in forum discussions, submitting of articles or resources as they call it, or submitting your educational material.  The payment is same as in Boddunan i.e. Rs.25 to 50 per article accepted and the minimum payout is Rs.250/- for the first payment and then Rs.750/- from the next payout onwards.  There are various cash incentives and gifts to be earned in ISC and one can participate in various competitions for earning some great revenue. 

These are the top 5 Indian Article Submission Sites which an Indian Writer can begin with in order to earn some money.  These sites are good for beginners and as you advance with your writing skills, one can try out some good Article Submission Sites like Factoidz or Triond. 

Please comment on any other sites which you may think are worthy of getting some real income for Indian Writers and I will post them in the next Article.

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