Monday, 23 January 2012

How to Plan the Perfect Garden Party?

Planning a garden party can be a very tedious and hectic activity.  A lot of planning goes into organizing a garden party.  There are various factors to be considered before you actually make the party a grand success.  It takes a lot of patience and hard work to see to it that your guests enjoy the occasion. 

A garden party needs the following points to be taken into consideration before you go in for the actual party.

1)  Theme of the party – This is the first and foremost point to be taken into consideration before going for a garden party.  Decide on what type of theme you want to base your party on.  There are various themes available to choose from i.e. flower theme, an adventure theme, or a simple get-together.  You can always choose a particular flower or plant for your theme and decorate the garden with these flowers. It may be roses or some other tropical plants. 

2)  The Invitations – The next step is to make a list of all the guests you want to invite.  See to it that these invitations are given personally through mobile phone or through e-mails so that there is a personal touch to the invitation.  Try to get the confirmation regarding their presence so as to plan your food accordingly.  Also the invitations should be given well in advance writing down the theme of the party and what you expect your guests to wear.

3)  The  Food – The food menu is the most important part in planning a garden party.  See to it that the menu you choose is carefully selected.  If it is a grown-ups party, the alcohol beverages should be stocked well in advance so as not to create any last-minute complications.  Also if you are planning on hiring a caterer, see to it that he is known to you so that one knows what he can deliver.  Plan your menu with the caterer accordingly giving him enough time to prepare his dishes.  If you are planning on preparing the food yourself, see to it that all the groceries are stored ahead of the party date.  The food should be ready before your guests begin to arrive so that you can enjoy the party with them.

4)  Cleaning the Garden – A day before the actual party, clean the garden or backyard mowing the grass, taking off the weeding and sweeping up the leaves and other equipments lying in the garden.  The garden furniture, chairs and tables should be cleaned up before setting them on the garden.

5)  Crockery and Silverware – Select the crockery and silverware you want to use for the party and have it cleaned, washed and stacked up well in advance.  The linen and napkins to be put on the tables should be washed and ironed. 

6)  Decorating the Garden – A day before the party, see to it that you have ordered the theme flowers from the local nursery.  You can even use flowers from your own garden for the decorations.  Flowers can be decorated in vases and flowerpots which can be kept in specific places such as entrance of the garden or on the patio.  The tables should be decorated with flowers along with the linen and napkins.

7)  Music – Music is the core of the party celebrations.  See to it that a good music system is on hand along with the music compact disks.  A samba music or Jazz can be selected according to the theme.

8)  Activities – If you are organizing a garden party which has a lot of children, then various games and activities could be planned.  See to it that your guests enjoy the party and are not bored. 

Taking the above points into consideration while planning a garden party will surely make it a success. 


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