Friday, 17 February 2012

How to keep your House Warm in Winter

Winter can be a season which you may enjoy a lot, what with the chill breeze all round you, wrapping yourself in warm clothes and going out in the snow and enjoying.  Winter is a season most loved by the children as they get some unofficial holidays as well as enjoying to their heart’s content in the snow filled streets.

But along with this, winter brings with it a new set of problems.  These problems are related to keeping the house warm when it is icy cold outside.  Those who can afford it may go in for room heaters for the entire house, but what about the ones who can’t afford such luxury.  Here are some common ways to keep your house warm during winter.

·        Sealing the doors & windows tightly – See to it that there are no gaps in between the doors.  Try to seal off these gaps, if found, by weather stripping or a door sweep which are available at cheap prices.  If there are any gaps still left, stuff in the old towels or draft dodgers. Similarly, seal off the windows tightly by using removable window caulk or plastic sheets. These easy steps will not allow the cold draft to enter inside the house. 
·        Put on Heavy Curtains – See to it that you put on heavy curtains in most of the rooms.  These may block of the draft, keeping your room in the normal temperature.  These curtains should be opened when the sun is shinning so as to let the sun rays enter the room, making it warm and cozy. 
·        Light up the house – Use the electricity that you have in hand to light up the house.  Turn on the lights and halogen bulbs.  These create heat and increase the temperature in the house.  Put on the TV or refrigeration as they too dissipate heat in the room.  These devices can be put up in the common room where you spent most of your time keeping it warm.
·        Solar Energy – The heat from the sun is the best source of warm energy.  If you have a sunny day, keep the rugs and carpet in the sunny area.  They absorb the heat from the sun and these can create the warmth needed during the night. 
·        Oven doors – Keep the oven doors open after heating and let the heat get mixed up in the atmosphere creating warmth in the area.  Similarly steam from cooking can be a good source of creating heat.  Cook the food that gives out more heat such as soups and broths.  They are good during winter as a recipe as well as provide the much needed heat by way of steam produced during cooking.
·         Create Humidity – Another way of keeping the house warm is to step up the humidity in the room.  For this, whenever you take a bath, leave the warm water in the bathtub running and let the steam filled out the bathroom as well as the outer rooms.   
·        Lighting up candles – This is an ancient way of keeping a house warm.  Light up the candles  in every room.  They can produce heat and are quite cheap to buy.  Just keep these candles out of way of dangerous articles , bedroom rugs or near the bed sheets so as not to cause any untowards incidence.
·        Put on rugs and carpets – Winter is the time you would probably would like to open up the unused rugs and carpets from the attic or storeroom.  These rugs provide the much needed warmth to the feet while walking making you less susceptible to the cold.  Try to place these rugs and carpets in every room of your house.  They absorb the heat during the daytime and keep the room warm in the night.
·        Try to use small rooms –  Try to use rooms which are smaller in size and which are frequently used e.g. one can use the bedroom as a living-cum-bedroom.  This keeps the room warm due to frequency of activity in the room.  Also a small room is easy to keep warm.  Do most of your activities in this room.
·        Close down unused rooms – Seal off and close down the rooms which are not frequently used.  This will help in keeping the house warm as less space is now available for heating up the room.
·        Buy Cheap Heaters – Cheap and budget Heaters are available at your daily shops.  Use these heaters, if required, but then you have to compromise on the quality of these heaters. 
·        Start saving from equipments – Organize yourself and start saving for the expensive heaters before the cold season catches up with you.  Let the extra money go into the kitty for the purchase of a heater when the time comes. 

These are some ways by which you can easily ward off the cold from entering your house, making it warm and cozy for your stay.  All these methods are easy and cost next-to-nothing. 

So the next time Cold creeps into your house, get ready for it.

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