Sunday, 19 February 2012

Top 10 ways of Brain Improvement

Brain is the most important part of your body that controls your mind as well as your body.  Memory is a thing which is associated with brain.  A healthy brain has been known to have a good memory.  The power of the brain to memorize certain things for a long time is a sure way of saying that you have a healthy brain.

1.  Convincing Self – It is absolutely essential that you convince yourself that you have a good memory.  Most people feel that they are not good at memorizing things and this brings about a negative effect on the brain.  They think that their memory is bad.  See to it that you motivate yourself each and every time you try to memorize certain things. It may be remembering where you kept your car keys or remembering your wife’s birth date, you have to convince yourself that you don’t have any problems while memorizing things.  This is the best way to improve your memory and brain.

2.  Remove that Stress – Too much stress will make your memory weak.  It makes remembering things all the more difficult.  Try to relax your mind while working and go in for stretching exercises or yoga which is the ideal way for relaxation.  Take a break from your routine by going out or visit some friends if you are suffering from chronic stress related problems.  You will get amazing results when you work with a fresh mind. 

3.  Exercising on a daily basis – It is found that exercising, particularly aerobic exercises, will help in a great way.  Daily exercises will improve the overall blood circulation keeping you alert and active throughout the day. It also increases the efficiency of the brain and thus helps in improving the overall memory.  As such exercising is a must for keeping your mind and brain active.   

4.  Eating the Right food -  Maintaining a healthy diet is another way for improving your memory.  Go for foods which contain a high amount of anti-oxidants such green leafy vegetables like spinach or broccoli or fruits like berries which can improve the functioning of the brain.  Supplements such as Vitamin E, Vitamin B-6 or Thiamine and Niacin are great for brain development and functioning.  Another way is to eat small meals 5 to 6 times a day instead of 3 large meals.  This has shown to limit the reducing of blood sugar which can be a negative factor for brain development.

5.  Try Repeating Things – This is another way for improving  your brain functioning as well as for memory efficiency.  The more times you hear or think about something, it gets pasted on your brain.  This is an ideal way of memorizing certain things such as names of persons or places.  Try to repeat the name a number of times till you memorize it.

6.  Describing Photographs – This is a technique which is used by many doctors for improving the memory of their patients.  Place a photograph in front of you and observe the minute details in the photograph.  Then turn the photograph and describe or write the observations and details in the photograph. Close your eyes and try to memorize the photograph in your mind.  Choose a new photograph every day.  You will be amaze to see your memory getting better with each day as you advance, remembering more and more details about the photographs.

7.  Keep your life Organized – See to it that your life is organized i.e. make it simple.  Keep your everyday items in a particular place, feed that important phone numbers in your cell phone or laptops, keep a track of your monthly bills and payments by writing in a diary or mobile alerts.  It will surely help you in improving your memory and improving the efficiency of the brain.  This keeps your mind off the hassles of routine stress  which is associated with memory loss so that you can concentrate on more important work.  

8.  Try out Yoga or Meditation -  Meditation and Yoga are the techniques which are great boosters for brain improvement.  It has been found that people who practice Yoga and meditation on a daily basis have a much improved memory functioning.  Scientifically it has been proved that meditation helps to increase the blood flow to the brain while strengthening the cerebral cortex.  A much improved blood flow can result in improving the efficiency of memory and increase concentration.

9.  Learn some special technique –  There are certain technique that help out to improve the functioning of the brain.  These may be learning pegs, or Dominic System.  Also games such as memory palaces are worth a try.  They are certain to improve your memory a great deal. 

10.  Try Ayurveda  – Ayurveda is a storehouse of medicinal value.  There are a number of herbal medicines in Ayurveda which can be used as memory boosters.  These may include Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola or Muleti among others.  Daily consumption of these herbal remedies can surely improve your brain functioning keeping it health and fit.

These are the 10 best methods for brain improvement.  So the next time you have any memory related problems, try out these methods and you will surely not regret it.

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