Sunday, 4 December 2011

What are the remedies for an Overactive Bladder?

The problem of overactive bladder starts as your age increases.  As one grows older, there are various changes that take place in the body.  Overactive bladder is a result of such bodily changes.  Older men and women feel the urge to go to the bathroom quit frequently as they cannot control their urinary urge.  This is a very common problem and there are certain ways and treatment that can be tried out to stop this problem of overactive bladder. 

Overactive bladder is a disorder in which a person has to go to the bathroom quite frequently.  He cannot control the urge.  This time interval may increase at night and it may be paced even at 1 to 2 times per hour.  This is a very irritating and uncomfortable disorder as a person has to change his daily lifestyle to accommodate this problem.  At times it becomes embarrassing for the person when he has to leave a meeting or a function and at times find himself leaking or spilling at that moment. 

There are various methods which are available to control this problem:
·        The first and most simple method is Bladder Training.  In this a patients keeps a log on the number of times he goes for a pee and the frequency of his visits.  This log is maintained according to the discussions with the physician.  The patient then tries to identify the pattern of this process and keeps himself alert and ready for the urination process.  Also a number of exercises are prescribed for the above problem.
·        Medical treatment in terms of drugs is prescribed to the patient.  These drugs affect the nervous system receptors and reduce the contraction of muscle of the bladder limiting the urge for urination.  But at times, these drugs can bring about some side-effects such as drowsiness, hypertension or dry mouth.  There are also a number of medications available.  This may include anticholinergics drugs such as Darifenacin, Fesoterodine, oxybutynin or Trospium among others.
·        Another method of treatment is transdermal medicine which is in fact, a thin patch which is attached to the hip or abdomen from which medication is released into the bloodstream.  This is to be placed twice a week.  But there are some side-effects here too like constipation and irritation in the affected part.
·        Along with these medical options, there is a natural remedy for curing overactive bladder.  This is in the form of Flotrol which is a natural way on controlling this disorder.  Flotrol is a natural pill which consists of pumpkin seeds and soybean germ extracts.  It is a natural medicine and has no side-effects.  Flotrol strengthens the muscles surrounding the bladder thus controlling the urge to frequent urination.  This remedy has shown to be very effective for overactive bladders.
·        There are various pelvic exercises which strengthen the muscles of the pelvic region.  These exercises are called kegels and they help you to tighten and relax the muscles that take part in the urination process.
·        Another method is that of electric stimulations which sends electric pulse through electrodes placed in vagina or rectum.
·        Some tips for controlling an overactive bladder - to avoid caffeine or drinking a lot of water, especially before going to bed.
·        If all the above remedies fail, a doctor can recommend surgery which consists of bladder augmentation which increases the capacity of the bladder.

These remedies may help you decrease an overactive bladder problem and make your life a little easy to follow.

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