Thursday, 1 December 2011

How to cook a healthy Ramen?

Making a ramen is the easiest of all recipes and one of the most ideal choices for a meal to people all over the globe.  The basic Ramen is prepared according to the instructions printed on the pack.  This usually consists of preparing a salty broth consisting of noodles and seasonings.  This may be a good, stomach filling meal for that quick-something but it may not be the tastiest way for a healthy meal.

To make your Ramen healthy try to put in some of these vegetables and ingredients which will not only make your ramen healthy but give you a tasteful snack to consume.

·        Making up Veggies – Mixing vegetables in your ramen is the most ideal solution for making a healthy snack. 
Visit your nearest shop and buy a bag of frozen assorted vegetables available off the rack.  These may comprise of 3 to 4 different vegetables.  Cook up these vegetables and mix them up with your ramen for giving some extra taste to your ramen.  The other option is to buy fresh vegetables from the market  and mixing them along with shredded carrots and chopped onions to your ramen.  These along with pepper can give you a good flavor.
·        Mushrooms – Mushrooms are a very healthy option to add to the ramen.  Add some mushrooms after slicing them in small pieces and let it cook along with the noodles.  This can give a lot of proteins to your snack.
·        Bean sprouts – Take a handful of bean sprouts from your local store and add them to your ramen giving you an exotic Asian flavor to your ramen.  These are rich in vitamins and proteins.
·        Tofu – Tofu is rich in proteins and as such adding small pieces of tofu to your ramen will not only enhance the flavor but also will give you a protein rich meal.
·        Adding peanut butter – Adding a tablespoon of peanut butter will also be helpful for making your ramen healthy and tasteful.  This can be added along with the vegetables making it healthier.
·        Eggs – Eggs too can be added to your ramen making it more tasteful and healthy.  Beat down the eggs and fry it up a little after which it can be added to the ramen dish.
·        To further enhance the flavor of a ramen, try to mix the salted broth with your own sauces and herbs.  Some of the herbs are good for the overall health and as such make your ramen healthy and fit to eat.
·        Chicken – For making a non-veg ramen which are full of proteins and vitamins, shredded pieces of chicken or pork can be added to make it a healthy meal.  But see to it that these shredded pieces are cooked properly before you put them in your ramen.
·        Soya chunks – Soyabean chunks are available in the stores.  These can be added to the ramen after boiling them.

These are the various options available to make your ramen healthy as well as a wholesome meal.

So the next time you open a packet of Ramen be sure to try some of these ingredients to make it an enjoyable meal instead of the normal tasteless snack you are already having and which is very difficult to consume, at times.

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