Thursday, 1 December 2011

Is baby shampoo safe for the babies?

Your young one is the most cherished possession for you and watching it grow into a healthy and fine individual is a truly exciting experience.  As such care should be taken at each and every step of his growth.  This brings into light some questions regarding the child’s baby care products. 
Bath time for a baby is a very popular activity where he can have fun in a relaxing atmosphere.  Getting that warm bath keeps the baby fresh and active throughout the day.  But reports of toxic chemicals being used in the child’s bath products and shampoo may result in the parents being edgy to use them.

Nowadays, there are a lot of advertisements regarding baby shampoos and its advantages.  They are said to be perfectly safe and gentle on the baby’s scalp and possesses no danger to its skin.  They are said to be manufactured taking into consideration all the care for a baby’s tender skin.  Is this a reality?  Are these baby shampoos really safe?  How safe is the baby shampoo?  These are some of the questions that normally pick the minds of mothers when they see these advertisements.

The reality is far away from this.  In fact, some of these shampoos contain formaldehyde and dioxane which are not at all safe for the skin.  Along with these chemicals, there are other ingredients which can harm a baby’s skin as it is not fully reached its thickness.  As such a baby skin is much more prone to these chemicals than the normal adult skin.

These advertisements are not controlled by Government and as such they have the liberty to print according to their needs without giving any valid proof of their statements.  There is no FDA testing or guidelines regarding the ingredients and chemicals to be used in bath products and as such FDA has no control over what these companies mix in their products.  As such most of the chemicals used in baby shampoos have never been tested for safety. 

According to a survey of baby bath products, including baby shampoos, it has been found that 60% of the products contain harmful chemicals.  Also it has been found that babies are exposed to more than 60 harmful chemicals each day through these products. 

These chemicals may harm the tender skin of the babies and may also cause irritation to the eyes.  If a baby does not understand to keep their eyes close, these chemicals may well go in the baby’s eyes. 

Another fact that has come up regarding the harmful effects of chemicals in baby shampoos is that, some chemicals known as phthalates are related to possible reproductive problems.  Babies are exposed to these phthalates in their shampoos during their normal bath.

Along with these problems, there are also some alternatives if one wants to shampoo a baby’s hair.  Some of the alternatives are using soaps like castile soap or vegetable glycerin.  These do not contain any chemicals and also are very gentle on the baby skin.  They may not have a good smell, but they are naturally made and as such safe for use.

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