Sunday, 4 December 2011

How to save money on your dinner?

Saving some money on your dinner is a very good idea, as each penny saved is each penny earned.  Eating out frequently was never my idea of a dinner, except for some special occasions.  The bigger a restaurant you go to, the fatter is the bill you have to pay.  Over and above that are the various overheads you have to pay like booking a table in advance or giving a tip to the host waiter.  The money to pay for your food is like paying the whole staff of the restaurant along with the gardeners and the sweepers.

As such having a home food is the best option as it not only saves money but also saves on time as well as health disorders.

Now for some tips to save on your dinner:
·        Buy Fresh – Buying fresh from the local market is a sure step in the right direction.  How about some fresh fruits and vegetables which are raw.  Also raw meat can be preferred.  How you save money on these?  They can be bought at a lesser price than the packaged vegetables or fruits that you buy from a store.  Also fresh fruits and vegetables are always good for your health.  They can be bought in quantity too and stored up in your refrigerator for a longer period of time. Raw meat can also be frozen for a longer time.
·        Try grilling method – Try to grill your favorite meals like a steak which needs only some charcoal or gas. Sprinkle some of the local seasonings available in the market and you have a favorite dish all made out without going in for buying new stuff. 
·        Make your dish simple -  Make a dish for dinner with whatever material you have available at the moment, may it be lettuce or a cucumber or even onions.  Make salads from these ingredients and they taste good.  Add some sandwiches made from olive oil or oregano and put in the steak inside and you have a very fancy dish.
·        Stuff your cupboard with groceries – Always see to it that you have a storage of various groceries at any time so that you won’t have to run for some ingredients to the nearby shops.  These may help you out in some tight situations too.
·        Plan according to Store sale – Most local grocery stores have sale on some particular products.  Try to buy these products and then decide on the recipe you want to prepare from these products.
·        Crock pot – Crock pot is very useful for saving money and time as you dump the ingredient in the pot in the morning for a dinner in the night.
·        Family Dinner – Try to get the family together for the dinner as it saves on time as well as saves on that precious gas you use for cooking every time a person from the family is ready for dinner. 
·        Learn to use leftovers – Morning leftovers may also be included in the dinner.  Try to plan so that you cook for the whole day instead of only for the lunch or dinner.  Whenever lunch is finished, transfer the leftover to the refrigerator for the dinner.
·        Planning for the week – Try to plan dinner for the whole week forward.  As such you can buy whatever is needed on a particular day instead of running for each ingredient each coming day.  This saves money on traveling.

These are some of the money saving practices you can try out for your dinner.

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