Monday, 19 December 2011

How to prevent cats from damaging your Backyard Garden

Cats are the most lovable of pets that one can have in their house.  Cats are said to be cleaner and easier to handle then a dog as they can be set free in the house and even outside.  The owners do not have to take cats for a walk as cats are free animals and do not like to be tied to a lease.

But on the other hand, cats do have some very annoying habits such as scratching your valuable furniture or damaging your backyard garden.  These are very irritating habits and if not trained in time, may cause serious damages.  Cats use the soil in the garden to cover up their feces and urine.  This is damaging to the soil and also disturbs the plant and the flowers.  It also damages the whole garden.

Running over your garden is a most common practice of a cat as they make dig up the soil and use the hole as a litter box or eat up the plants.  For this, a cat has to be trained from restraining from such practices.

Along with these, there are certain other techniques and ways by which you can prevent a cat from damaging your backyard garden.

·        The first step is to set up a very good fencing system around your garden.  See to it that this fence do not have any gaps in them as cats are curious and cunning in nature and may surpass any loopholes you may have in the fence.  Also try to install a wire over the top of the fence to prevent cats from jumping over. 
·        Another step is to have a pet dog.  The main reason is that cats dislike dogs.  As such putting up a doghouse in your garden will deter the cats from entering the garden and backyard.  Of the dogs, Dobermans and Pit Bulls are scarier to the cats.
·        Shooting water jets at the cats can also be tried out.  Cats dislike water and as such sprinkle water on them time and again.  As this technique may take up your time, it is preferred to buy motion activated sprinklers which detects the movement of the cat and shoots up the water in that direction.
·        Moth balls can be put up near the plants.  Cats dislike moth balls and its scent and as such would stay away from the garden.  Other options may be lemongrass or aromatic oils like citronella or cayenne.
·        Ultrasonic devices can be installed in your garden.  These sounds are irritating for a cat but humans cannot hear them.  As such, cats are deterred away from the garden.  Also, make sure that this system can cover your whole garden.
·        Some types of commercial repellents can be used to drive away the cats as well as other animals.  But because of their harmful effects on plants, these are not advisable to be used on a larger extent.
·        Another step that can be taken to avoid cats is to scatter citrus rinds in spots where the cat is most likely to use.  Cats dislike citrus smell and as such this can prove to be a way to distract them.
·        The most common habit of a cat is to relieve itself by digging up the soil and making a hole.  To avoid this, put up large stones in the most usual places of cats relieving so that cats are not able to use these places.
·        Also, scatter pine cones or chicken mesh in these places as these are pricky to the cat’s feet and may prevent the cat from making any damage to the area.
·        It is seen at times that cats try to eat up the plants in the garden thus damaging your valuable garden.  To prevent this, one can buy kitty grass which is available in the pet shop.  This grass is healthy for cats and also it can prevent the cats from damaging your lovely plants.
·        Put up your plants at a higher level where a cat can’t reach them easily.  Avoid any furniture near the plants for the cats to climb on.
·        Also another way is to try hanging plants.
·        Don’t plant the trees that cats like to play with.
·        An ingredient known as ‘Bitter Yuck’ can be used to deter the cats from eating up the plant.  But first try it on the plant to see that it doesn’t damage it.

These are the different techniques you can use to prevent cats from damaging your precious backyard garden or eating up your plants.  One has to maintain a balance between your hard-earned garden and your lovable cat so that they reside in harmony.

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