Thursday, 15 December 2011

How do I increase my Weight?

In today’s world, where the mantra is to reduce weight and look trim and stay fit, there are still individuals who are trying to increase weight.  These are the person who are skinny and underweight.

Just as there are ways to reduce your weight, there are also ways to increase your weight.  For this, the right path to follow is strict diet and daily exercises.

For understanding your exact position in context to weight the following calculation can help you out.  Calculate Body Mass which should not be below 18.5.  Your Body Mass or BMI is calculated as follows – Your weight/ the square of your height in meters. (Normal BMI = 18.5 to 24.9)

Some of the main sources for gaining weight are:
·        Consume more calories – Your weight increases according to the calories you consume.  As such, try eating calorie-rich foods.  These foods may include potatoes, pasta, fruit juice, bananas and leafy vegetables.  The normal daily intake of calories should be 2,200 for male and 1,900 for female.  For increasing your weight by ½ kg. per week, this should be increased by 1,000 per day.
Try to choose daily products, fist and meat.  Eggs too make a lot of difference.  Protein rich foods like beans and pulses should be consumed along with starch content food like rice.  For snacks, you can have milk shakes, muffins or cheese.  Dry fruits too can be added.  A balance diet may also include proteins, vitamins and fats in a larger amount. 
·        Exercise – Along with food, a daily schedule of exercise will help in gaining weight.  One needs to exercise on weights and other exercises to gain muscles.  Try out exercises such as squats, dead lifts and bench presses.  Go for short intense workouts instead of long periods of exercising.
·        Creatine – Creatine supplements may just be the right pill that is needed to gain weight.  This has been proved on athletes who have gained weight using creatine.  But these should be taken under medical guidance only.
·        Medical Guidance – Always take medical guidance for a detailed program on weight gain.  Also a medical practitioner or a dietician can verify the fact that your underweight condition may be due to some medical problem or may be due to hereditary factors.
·        Be consistent – Consistency in your diet and exercise schedule is a sure way of increasing your weight.  People tend to forget that gaining weight needs time and perseverance.  No diet program or exercise will work if you are not consistent.  It has been found that most of the people try to gain weight in a short period and when they fail to do so, they get frustrated and quit.  This is not the right attitude for gaining weight.
These are the ways by which one can attain the target of weight gain.

Smart tips for Weight Gain:
·        Start your day with a healthy breakfast of milk, or banana milkshake, whole-grain toast or a fruit.
·        Stick to whole-grain foods, green leafy vegetables and meat.
·        Avoid junk food like burgers, doughnuts and fried oily food.
·        Diet should include proteins and carbohydrates in large amount.
·        Alcohols like beer should be avoided as these may give you only a pot-belly which is not the ideal way for a balanced weight gain.
·        Your exercises should be based on muscle-building and not strenuous exercises
·        Always remember that one has to eat more calories than that is burnt out of the body.
·        There are various weight-gain food supplements available.  These have to be taken only under medical guidance.
·        Go for a medical check-up periodically to keep track of your weight gain program.

Lastly, it can be said that the two things which are necessary to gain weight are a healthy diet and a positive attitude.

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