Monday, 19 December 2011

How to plan the Perfect Christmas Party

Now that Christmas days are coming near, each one is planning out various ways in which to enjoy the Christmas season.  Entertaining friends and family members is the topmost priority of all households as they gear up to the festivities.

Having a grand or a small Christmas party which can be made unforgettable for the family is the ultimate aim.  It is a very hectic affair to plan such a party as you get into the details and stretch out your budget just to get the best out of all things.  The main target is to have a successful and a perfect Christmas party followed by an enjoyable dinner feast.  It needs a lot of skill and patience for the tasks involved.

The following tips will give you an insight of what has to be done to make your Christmas party a grand success.

Guest List – The first step is to finalize the number of guests you want to invite to the party.  See to it that all your close friends and important persons are invited along with the relatives.  If you have a list of 50 persons, invite 60-65 people as most probably some may drop out due to personal reasons or other engagements.  Also give these invitations well in advance so that the invitees are not engaged somewhere else.

Plan a Theme – Planning a theme that you want for your Christmas party is also important.  There are various themes that you can choose from like a formal dinner, a cocktail party, a children theme or a county theme.  See to it that the theme you select is always within your capacity as an organizer.  Plan on a theme which you are confident about making a success of.  Also plan your theme according to the guests you are inviting as well as the capacity of the house you have.

Luncheon Menu – This is also another important factor while planning a Christmas party.  The menu must be selected very carefully so as to make your party a memorable one.  The recipes selected should be easy as well as unique, all the while making them delicious.  If you are cooking at home, prepare the dishes  well before the party, so as not to get involved in cooking at the time of the festivities.  Never try out a new recipe at times like this.  If you are hiring a caterer, select a person who  you can depend on in terms of taste and your budget. 

Regarding beverages, a punch bowl makes the easiest option which can be filled with punch or sangria.  These can further be separated by an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic bowl.  The other option can be serving in Christmas glasses to get the Christmas feeling to the theme.

Check-list – See to that you have a check-list at hand regarding the number of guests, the menu, the chairs and tables needed, the decorations and the raw material required, the crockery and glassware to be used, as well as the program for entertainment.  Tick off each item as you go on with the completion of work.

Christmas Decorations – This is a Christmas party and as such Christmas decorations are a must.  Along with the Christmas tree ornaments decorated on the tree, your Christmas table should also be adorned with the red Christmas table cloth.  A Christmas centerpiece can be the main focusing point during dinner.  Also Christmas napkins and glasses can be placed to make it a special occasion.
The house decoration can start with a banner wishing the guest a happy Christmas from your family.  Christmas lanterns make up really cool effect to the atmosphere.  Try to make these as effective as possible.  Let the guests feel the Christmas theme.

Music Mood – Music makes the atmosphere all the more cheerful and merry.  Put on your best Christmas songs and cerate a party environment before your guests start arriving.  On the other hand, a Christmas video music can make a magical effect to the proceedings.

Organising Games – A number of games can be organized for the guests as well as the kids.  This is a very enjoyable activity and the kids get engaged in it, not disturbing the parents.  Plan a Karaoke which the kids can take part in and enjoy.  Various ideas about different games can be found on the websites.

Following these simple and proven steps will surely help in making your Christmas party a successful and enjoyable one for the guests.  If budget is not a restrain and if the guests list is big, than you can always go in for caterers for food who specializes in Christmas recipes and can contact a event managing service for organizing your Christmas party to be a grand and memorable one.

But on the other hand, having your own personal party with your hand-made cooking and your own planning gives you the feeling of being proud at organizing such a fabulous party.

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