Monday, 19 December 2011

How to organize an Outdoor Bridal Shower

Organizing an Outdoor Bridal Shower can be a very exciting affair.  It has now become a hot new trend in many weddings and people seem to be enjoying it more than ever.  A warm weather can be the perfect setting for that special occasion.

Traditionally, a bridal shower was organized by the bridesmaid, but nowadays rules have been changed and now a Bridal shower can be organized by the moms or any other relatives.  This can be arranged indoors or outdoors according to the number of guests invited and the financial standing of the family even men are involved in the planning.

The outdoor bridal shower needs a lot of planning and efforts to make it a success.  Some of the main points to be taken into consideration are:-
·        Venue: For organizing the bridal shower, the selection of the venue is a very important aspect.  This venue can be a local park, or a family farm where there is a lot of shade and a serene atmosphere.  If you are arranging it at a park, prior permission for the concerned authorities is required.  The venue should be easily accessible to cars and should have the bare minimum necessities like washrooms.  Select a spot where you can put on some chairs and tables or even spreading out carpets on the grass can be an enjoyable option.  Always remember not to disturb the nature and have a fun-filled bridal shower which everyone can enjoy.
·        Bridal Shower Themes – There are various themes for an outdoor bridal shower.  While selecting the theme, importance should be given to the bride’s personality and her interest. 

Garden Theme – See to it that the shower is organized on a venue filled with the scents of flowers and greenery.  Spring is the ideal month for this theme.  The bridal luncheon table can also be decorated with different freshly-cut flower bouquets which add color and freshness to the occasion.  Flowers such as miniature tulips, hyacinths and crocuses make up the ideal selection of flowers.  The guests can also participate in the theme giving away bouquets of different color flowers to the bride.  They can be given seedlings or seed packets as a token of your appreciation.  Let this bridal shower be a memorable one for the guests.

Beach Party Theme – If you can choose a beach house for a venue, than the beach party theme will be the perfect one for the bridal shower.  Try to build upon the environment of a beach with fruits and drinks along with mock tails with miniature umbrella decorations for the luncheon.  Add in the swimwear and pool accessories for the guests to enjoy.  Outdoor furniture and a patio on the beach backdrop make up the ideal location for that perfect beach party.  This theme can also be selected at a poolside or swimming pool location.

Patio Theme – This is another theme which is commonly used.  Set up a patio in the garden or a backyard of your house.  Decorate it with ceramic sculptures, flower decorations and bird bath with different furnitures.  The bride can be gifted with everyday used gifts for her future family life.

Green Shower Theme – This can be organized even in the backyard of a house wherein the place is filled with green plantations and set up in natural surroundings.  Barbeques and grills can be set up for the feast and the bride can be gifted with different plants and seedlings.  Decorate the patio and the backyard with flower bulbs or various garden implements to give it a green and natural backdrop.

Vacation Theme – If the bride loves to travel and explore different places, the vacation theme is the right choice for her.  Book up a resort or a hotel and arrange the shower on the lawn where one can get the ideal surrounding of a vacation.  Gift the bride with traveling coupons and necessary traveling articles for her future honeymoon.  Booking travel tickets and concession coupons could be the right choices.  Make the environment romantic with flowers and scenes from various traveling locations.

Along with these, there are various other outdoor bridal shower themes that can be arranged like a slide show theme, a basket theme or a Christmas theme.  But these depend on the budget that one has and also depends mostly on the personality and interests of the bride.  Various games can be organized to make the bridal shower more enjoyable and more participative.  The luncheon may include home-specialty foods or bbq and the guests can be given tokens as an appreciation of their presence.  These may include potted plants, candles or even home-made jams or cookies as personal gifts.

To sum up, outdoor bridal showers can be a very entertaining and enjoyable occasion for the family, the relatives and the guests to enjoy.

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