Sunday, 25 December 2011

What are the natural remedies for a Glowing face?

It is said that the face of a person tells a 100 stories.  The first impression of a person is taken from his face.  A radiant and glowing face will always give a positive impression to the other person.  As such it is absolutely necessary to keep the face fresh and glowing.  Maintaining a healthy skin should be the topmost priority if you want to get a glowing face.  For this, there are certain home remedies that can be tried out which are harmless as well as without any side-effects.

·        The most common remedy is to crush and make a juice of cucumber.  Apply this paste to your face.  Massage this mixture on the face in the upward direction.  Let this cucumber water dry out completely and after a wait for about 1 to 2 hours, wash the face gently with water.  This remedy is useful for normal skin and can be tried out daily.
·        Take the white of an egg and beat it thoroughly.  Apply this to the face and let it dry out.  Wash the face after it dries out completely.  Egg helps to diminish the wrinkles on the face as well as tighten the face skin thus helping out the ageing process of the skin.
·        Banana with honey is a natural moisturizer for your skin.  Apply this mixture to the face in the proportion of one Banana with 2 tbsp of honey.  This mixture is beneficial specially for dry skin.
·        Another combination is that of curd and orange juice.  Apply this mixture to the face and wash it after it dries off to get a radiant glow to the skin.
·        Fenugreek seeds are also used for oily skin.  Grind the seeds and apply the paste to the face.  Let these seeds soak out in water overnight before grinding them into a paste.
·        Milk (raw) can be applied to the face as a natural moisturizer.
·        One of the most common remedies is that of applying a paste of crush orange peels on the face.  Leave it till they dry out and then wash the face.  It gives a natural glow to the face.
·        Mix 1/3 cup of plain oats and honey.  Add a small quantity of nutmeg and cinnamon powder.  Warm this mixture in a microwave for about 20 minutes and then apply to face.  Wash it off after 15 minutes or more.  This is a good remedy for getting a soft and glowing skin.
·        Before going to bed wash your face with warm water without drying it off. Apply a mixture of ¼ cup of water and 1 cup of olive oil on the face.   Let the mixture stay overnight and wash it in the morning for a healthy and glowing face skin.

Tips for a Healthy and Glowing Skin :
A healthy and glowing complexion is a sign of youth and good health.  The process of ageing cannot be stopped which may leave your skin dry and dark.  To prevent this, there are a number of tips that can be followed to keep your skin radiant and glowing.
·        The most important aspect is to keep your body fit and healthy from within.  Eating lots of leafy vegetables and fresh fruits will surely help a great deal as these contain vitamins A, B and C which are needed to keep that skin healthy.
·        Along with these, drinking lots of water can bring about a balance in the moisture of the skin helping to keep it vibrant and glowing.  This can, in turn, improve the brightness of the complexion.
·        Try to avoid traveling in bright sunlight as sun tans the skin and speeds up the ageing process of the skin.  If required, use sunscreen lotion to protect the skin.
·        Regular facials are needed to keep the skin from getting dry and to prevent damage.  Try out the various natural face scrubs periodically.
·        Exercising daily will improve blood circulation in the body which in turn will help to keep the skin healthy and moist.  Exercises such as walking, jogging or aerobics can be tried out.
·        Always try to use natural products instead of chemical creams and scrubs which may harm your skin and will damage your skin in the long run.


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