Sunday, 27 November 2011

What are the benefits of Tamanu Oil?

Ever heard of this oil?

The Tamanu oil is the extract from the Tamanu tree, also known as Calophyllum inophyllum which is largely found in Polynesia and Tahiti.  The oil is extracted from the nut of the tamanu tree but it does not generate oil until and unless it is dried for almost a month.

Tamanu oil is traditional oil used by the Fiji natives and it is believed to be having medicinal benefits.  It is mainly used for insect bites, rashes, sunburns and blisters.  The importance of Tamanu oil is fast growing as more and more people are getting associated with the oil.  The natives believe that it is a gift of nature.  Tahiti is the largest producer of tamanu oil in the world.

The various uses of Tamanu oil are:
·        This oil is used by the natives of Papua New Guinea for treatment of sores, cuts and boils.
·        Tamanu oil has a very good absorption quality and as such can be used for treatment of arthritis and sunburns.  This oil makes the skin smooth and soft.
·        It is safe to apply to babies suffering from diaper rashes.
·        Tamanu oil can also be used in treating ringworms, scabies, gout, sores, athlete’s foot and various other nail infections and skin problems.
·        Another use of this oil is as an antibiotic.  It has high content of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities which make it highly useful during symptoms of pneumonia, conjunctivitis or bladder infections.
·        Tamanu oil can also be used to remove the body or feet odor.
·        Tamanu oil, if applied to the neck can relieve sore throat pain to a great extent.
·        It is also used as an insect repellent and deodorant.
·        This oil can be very good for skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and other skin diseases.
·        This oil is used in some cosmetics for fading stretch marks and improving scar marks.  Tamanu oil is a great healer for dark skin and thick hair.

Thus, having all these antimicrobial, antiviral and pain-relieving properties make Tamanu oil one of the most sought after medicinal oil all over the world.  Due to this, it is not available easily and it is priced heavily wherever available.

On the other hand, officially, the FDA does not regulate sale of tamanu oil and as such no guarantees are given regarding its effectiveness.


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