Sunday, 27 November 2011

How to get that perfect sleep?

A good night sleep is one of the main requirements for a healthy body.  If you cannot get the perfect sleep, it affects the daily activities during the day and as a result of which you feel restless and sleepy.  On the other hand, a good night sleep can do wonders to your daily schedule keeping you active and full of confidence.  As such, it is absolutely essential to have that perfect sleep.

Many people find it very difficult to sleep at night and this soon becomes a habit formation for them.  There are certain rules you have to follow if one wants a cozy and comfortable full night sleep.

·        The first and foremost is to have a daily active schedule.  This may include a daily exercise schedule in the morning, may it be walking or jogging or a visit to the local gym.  Getting up early and exposing your body to sunlight is a sure way of staying fit and healthy. This can be followed by staying active throughout the day keeping yourself busy.
·        Avoid habits – Some people have a habit of alcohol consumption before going to bed.  This affects the quality of sleep. Many times it is seen that these people experience disorders such as headaches, vomiting sensation and depression waking up in the morning.  This may in turn have negative effect on the next day’s work schedule.
·        Along with alcohol, another habit formation is the consuming of liquids such as tea or coffee.  These are, in fact, stimulants which keeps a person awake.  As such one should refrain from such habits as they may disrupt the sleep.
·        Comfortable bed – See that the bed is as comfortable for you as it should be.  The size of the bed makes a lot of difference.  Try to get a bigger bed which could suit your body.  Also change your pillows if they are not comfortable as they may bring about neck-pain.  Change your beddings periodically and keep them clean.
·        Bed work – Try to avoid working with your computer on the bed.  This associates work with sleep and as such sleeping may be a problem.
·        No Late night Dinners – Avoid taking late night dinners as food needs time to digest.  Try to take your dinner light and keep a gap of 2 hours before going off to bed.
·        Avoid mid-day naps – Try to avoid that mid-day naps which one takes every time we have a heavy lunch.  Try to eat a light lunch and if you have the urge to have a nap, keep a time limit of 15-20 minutes.  This short nap will rejunivate you to be fresh as well as to have a sound sleep in the night.
·        Keep pets off the bed – Sleeping with your pet can be another factor which may disturb your sleep.  A pet can make you remain awake due to its constant movements as well as it can give you some allergies like cold and sneezing due to its hairs.
·        Do not take liquids – Drinking liquids such as fruit juices or water before going to bed as it may result in frequently going to the bathroom and thus disturbing your sleep.
·        Try to control stress – Stress is another factor resulting in deep disorders.  When you think about a lot of things during night, obviously your sleep gets disturbed.  This brings about stress problems also.  Always try to be relaxed and stress-free while going to bed.
·        Follow a routine – Follow a routine of going to sleep and waking up at the same time everyday.  This can be a good habit for a healthy sleep.
·        Smoking – It is found that Nicotine is a stimulant and as such smoking before sleeping is a bad habit formation which could disturb the sleeping process to a great extent.
·        Drink Herbal tea or warm milk before sleeping as it contains calcium.  Clinical studies have verified that milk also has tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin by the body and this serotonin makes you sleepy.
·        One can add honey to the warm drinks.  Honey can be the right ingredient for having the right sleep.

Hope you find the above tips for that perfect sleep useful.  If you have any other suggestions or tips, try to add in your comments for the readers.

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