Sunday, 27 November 2011


“I am working for the last 6 months on the internet and my revenues are still not increasing.”  

This is the statement which is seen from many online article or blog writers. 

Tired of working online and not getting enough cash from your hard efforts that you put in daily.  Then, I may have just the solution for your problems. 

As you can see from my earlier posts, I try to help you out by answering most common questions that arise in your mind and try to give some qualitative answers.  Here I have a genuine opportunity for you to look at for some really good revenue income and that too without paying a cent. 

The answer to this is a website known as  This is a genuine and authentic site which can get you a reasonable passive income once you try it. 

The criteria for application to this website :
·        You should have good command over your grammatical English language.
·        You should be able to work 4-5 hours daily to generate good income
·        You should have a google adsense account.

Saying all this, what is this site about?
WEBANSWERS is a question and answer site which gives you revenue for asking or answering questions given by others.  The revenue you generate is directly linked to your adsense account. 

Registration procedure in Webanswers :
For registration, one has to register your name on the site along with the country of origin.  It takes about 48 hours for webanswers to verify your account and whether to  accept it or not.  Mostly, it is accepted. 

After acceptance, you can directly contribute to the site with asking your own questions and giving answers. 

How to earn from Webanswers :
Now the real question is how to earn from Webanswers?
The first step is to actively participate in the question/answers arena.  Please remember that your google adsense account gets activated only if you answer 50 questions or ask your own questions.  After that you can punch in your google adsense a/c no. to gain activation.   Your earnings start from here.

Some important points while working with webanswers :
·        Try to give qualitative and descriptive answers to the questions asked.  Take time to study the question on a topic and find the related subject through search programmes. 
·        Avoid giving one or two sentence answers.
·        Select questions which are not very simple but requires a study and can be given in a informative way
·        Try to answer 10-12 questions per day giving it your best.
·        Spend time going through your answers before submitting them and check out grammatical mistakes.
·        Always remember that best answers for a question are awarded that question and you get the full rights of that question i.e. the question becomes your.

Taking these points into consideration, you can easily earn between 100 to 150 $ from the first 3 months.  As your answers go on increasing, your revenue too goes on increasing.   Participants are giving proof that they are earning more than 500$ per month from webanswers.

A note of concern -  Please do not promote your website or your blog in asking questions or giving answers in any way. I was banned from webanswers due to the same reason and I think I should make it clear to you so you don’t get caught the same way and lose a good opportunity.

So, go on and enjoy your revenues.

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