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Which are the various Christmas Tree Decoration Themes?

A Christmas tree is the most important aspect of every Christmas celebration.  Decorating this tree with colorful garlands, lights and ornaments takes a lot of thinking as you try to make it as attractive as possible.

Decorating a Christmas tree is the most enjoyable activity during the festive days.  There are so many options available for decorating the Christmas tree with various ornaments that people get confused at what should be their priority for the decoration.

There are various types of ornaments that are based on different themes which are available for decoration.  We will discuss some of the common as well as unique Christmas tree decoration themes.

The most important aspect here is to choose a theme which suits your personal taste and is according to the hobbies that are of interest to you as well as your family.  This may be a sports, travel memories, color schemes or books.

Now sit down and have a look at the options you have as we discuss them:

·        Classic theme – This is the most common theme that is practiced by most of the families.  It consists of various ornaments and lights along with beaded garlands or colorful ribbons.  These ornaments are mostly silver and gold colored and are the most common ornaments found at the nearby stores.  Christmas lights are also of the same color.  Often bright stars or golden star makes up the Crowning Glory of the tree with garlands being spread over the tree.  This is the basic theme of any Christmas tree decoration.
·        White Christmas theme – This is an all-white theme for decorating a Christmas tree where even the tree is of white color.  This can be an artificial tree available in the market.  The ornaments too should be of white color.  White garlands make up the final touches of this theme.  You can add any decorating objects which are white and sparkling. 
·        Baby theme – This is a unique theme whereby all the objects relating to your baby are showcased.  This is the idle theme if you have a baby or a small child in the house.  Collect his/her toys (not heavy ones), his playing objects, his photo-frames, his colorful clothes and hang them up on the Christmas tree.  Decorate the tree with colorful and bright ribbons and garlands making it all the more attractive.  Always choose bright colored objects in this theme.
·        Christmas Cards theme – If you are a little craft-loving family, then go in for this theme.  Make some very unique Christmas cards of various sizes and colors and decorate them on the Christmas tree.  They can be accompanied by other crafty objects made at home.  Family pictures can also be added in this theme.  All this gives a personal touch to the tree.
·        Barbie Christmas tree theme – Another theme that can be tried out is the Barbie theme.  This is a theme that has gained in popularity in recent years.  Barbie theme consists of Barbie dolls of various shapes and sizes being placed on the Christmas trees along with various accessories which a Barbie uses i.e. her makeup kit, her ribbons, her dresses or even her bags.  Garlands and Barbie letterings are also available.  Various Barbie decoration packs are available in the shops.  This theme is ideal for a family having young girls.
·        NFL Christmas Tree theme – Along with the young girls, the boys too can enjoy the Christmas by having a theme of their own.  This may consists of their favorite sport, football, baseball or Rugby.  The NFL theme may comprise of finger puppets of various teams in the NFL e.g. New York Giants.  Glass ornaments of various players along with caps, helmets, t-shirts are available for decorating in this theme.  You can add from your own collection too.
·        Beach Christmas theme – The beach Christmas theme may consist of various sea shells and starfish.  If you have gone for a beach vacation earlier and have collected some mementoes, hang them on the tree.  There are also some toys of Santa taking a sunbath available in packs at the nearby stores.
·        Vintage Ornaments theme – This is a unique theme which can be selected for your Christmas tree.  Vintage ornaments make up a lot of glitter and shine which makes the tree more attractive.  These ornaments are available at various auction websites for throwaway prices and can be collected from there.
·        Asian theme – This is an unusual them in which you can decorate the tree with fans and paper parasols.  Small lanterns can be made to put your lights in them for giving an exotic effect to the theme.  Putting up your ornaments and lanterns on bamboo rods can be tried in this theme.
·        Patriotic theme – After the 9/11 incidence, this theme has gained in popularity and is selected by many families.  It consists of a tree which is decorated in red, white and blue.  Collect some American flags, stars and other patriotic items.  Large blue, white and red pom-poms can be added to this.  This theme is specially selected if one has a person from the family in the services or a veteran from the services.
·        The Children tree theme – This is another favorite tree decoration theme.  Stick up the toy trains, dolls, candy bars and chocolates wrapped in shiny wrappers.  Small crayon boxes or little books can also be added.  Along with these balloons are the garlands which make up an attractive combination.  The children love this Christmas tree theme.
·        Cookies theme – If you are planning on having a party at the house on the Christmas eve, try out the cookies theme which consists of various cookies being hanged on the branches.  They can be accompanied by popcorns, bread cakes and chocolates.

Along with these themes, there are various other themes which can be tried out e.g. –
County theme
Vintage car theme
Photo-frames theme
Family theme
Sports team theme
Animal lover’s theme
Modern theme

And the list goes on and on………..

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