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Peppermint Oil is used from ancient times for various health disorders.  Due to its sweet scent and refreshing qualities, aromatherapy has added the oil from Peppermint as one of its important essential oils.  It has a number of uses which can give relief from various disorders.  

The peppermint plant is a creeping herb with camphor-like scent.  Peppermint Essential Oil is extracted by the process of steam distillation of Mentha Piperita.  The distilled oil is clear having the peppermint scent. 

The various uses of this oil are as follows –
·        Peppermint Essential Oil is used in Aromatherapy as well as for other uses.  Its main use is that of refreshing the skin giving it a cooling effect.
·        Peppermint oil is used for several disorders such as Asthma, bronchitis and diarrhea. 
·        By rubbing this oil over the stomach and navel it gives quick relief from indigestion and diarrhea.  Some use this oil along with herbal tea for digestive problems and relief from heartburn.
·        Peppermint Essential Oil is also used as an external oil for rubbing against injuries to reduce the inflammation caused due to the injury.  A word of caution – do not rub the oil over the open wound but around the wound.
·        During fever it has been found that peppermint oil can be the ideal remedy to bring down the fever by rubbing the feet of the patients suffering from fever.  It brings down the temperature of the person.
·        Due to its cooling effect, this oil is used during itchiness to calm down the disorder.
·        Peppermint Essential oil is the perfect remedy during fatigue. It refreshes the mind and body and boosts up your mood during those tired spells of work.
·        This oil is massage over the abdomen to get quick relief from nausea feelings during uneasiness.
·        Another important use of peppermint essential oil is to relieve headaches caused due to sinuses.  It gives quick relief from these headaches and makes you feel energetic. The same procedure can be used for neck pains and back pains.
·        It is the ideal remedy to clear off sinus and lung congestion.  Use the humidifier for this purpose.
·        Nowadays, peppermint oil sprays are available to be used as room fresheners.  Peppermint Oil, by way of diffusion can also be used to improve concentration and accuracy during studying time for students and children.  It also improves their recall level.
·        Peppermint Oil can also be used in various recipes and cooking dishes to enhance the flavor as well as an important natural preservative.
·        This oil is also used as an effective anti-insect deterrent.  Place a cotton ball dipped in the oil near the entry of these pests and you can get good results.
·        Arthritis patients can also benefit from Peppermint Essential Oil as rubbing this oil over the joints can give quick relief from tendonitis pain. 
·        The most common use of peppermint oil is of using them as mouth-fresheners.  Place a drop on your tongue to stop bad breath. 
·        It is also useful for removing ticks from your pets.  Swab the tick with a cotton ball swab and see it loosen its grip on your pet’s skin.  You can then take it off easily.
·        Peppermint oil along with Epsom salt can be used to relax the muscles of your ankles and feet by soaking them in water mixed with this mixture.

Caution words – Sometimes Peppermint oil can burn.  As such, it has to be diluted at the time of need.  It is also dangerous to use it on infants and small children.  Consultation with your medical doctor is a must before using this oil if you are pregnant. 

Thus, it is seen that Peppermint Essential Oil has a number of uses and as such is considered to be a very important oil for various ailments.  So the next time you have any kind of disorders as listed above, try out this amazing oil and you will not regret it. 

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