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Man has a very important status in the family life as well as in the society.  He is the bread-winner in most of the families.  He looks after the wellbeing of the families and works hard to keep the financial side of the family running smoothly.  But men are observed to be less serious in their views on health and fitness.  It is found that women are more conscious of their wellness and fitness then men. 

It is absolutely essential for men to take serious note of their health concerns and fitness problems.   Follow these simple tips and you can feel a lot of difference on the positive side in your life.
·        Stay away from that Dangerous fats – The most important part of the body is the Heart and it is absolutely essential to keep it fit and strong.  For this reduce your overall fat intake.  This does not mean stopping all the fatty foods, but to reduce the trans fats that can results in damaging your heart.  These foods may include deep-fried foods and foods made from hydrogenated oils e.g. canned foods containing oil, cookies and pastries. Olive oil and Omega-3 oils are the best options for cooking your food as they tend to reduce the risk of heart problems.
·        Avoid Weight Gain foods – These foods are known as ‘white foods’ as they include processed foods such as   white flour, white sugar and baked foods. These foods are devoid of any natural fiber and act as the perfect recipe for weight gain due to their capacity to increase the blood sugar levels.  Consumption of such foods can lead to disorders such as obesity and diabetes.  So the next time you go in for that pizzas, burgers and pastas, think about this.  Instead, think of such foods as fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.  Whole grain foods are also a very good option.
·        Maintaining a Healthy Weight – A healthy and fit body does not mean eating less food.  It means to eat the right food at the right time.  Try to maintain a healthy weight as it reduces the risk of heart diseases and other medical disorders. 
·        Drinking Alcohol to a Limit – It has been studied and found that some alcohol content is required by the body on a daily basis to reduce the heart diseases and enhancing overall body fitness.  But this does not mean to go in for a dip in the alcoholic tub.  Moderate alcohol is allowed but heavy drinking is what causes those devastating health problems. 
·        The Prostate Problem – Men have been found to be affected by prostate problems after the age of 40 years.  There are various medical options available for reducing or preventing this disorder.  The new inventions like saw palmetto or pygeum can be tried out as they have shown to improve the urinary flow as well as avoid any side-effects caused due to prostate. 
·        Improving Sexual Functioning – A healthy diet as well as an active sexual activity is sure to improve problems relating to impotence.  Try to follow a strict diet and supplement recommendations.  Reduce smoking as well as try out the herbal path by going in for herbs such as Ginkgo Biloba, horny goat weed or maca which are said to increase the blood flow to penis. 
·        A routine Exercise Schedule – Exercise, basically aerobic exercise, is surely the most important way of staying healthy and fit for men.  These exercises improve the cardiovascular conditioning as well as remove the unwanted fats from your tummy. So, join the gym at the earliest or hire a personal trainer for improving your overall fitness.
·        Take that Daily multivitamin Supplement – Along with maintaining a healthy diet it is also essential to get that daily dose of multivitamins.  This is required to get that optimal nutrition for your daily energy levels.  A healthy and balanced natural diet should be further enhanced with these multivitamin and mineral supplements.  It is a sure way against possible deficiencies that may bring about that unwanted disorders.
·        Involve Yourself – It has been found that maintaining close relations with your family members or friends or joining a social or volunteering group may just be the right choice for reducing your stress.  This also helps to rejuvenate your energy levels as well as enhances the overall health.  Try to involve yourself in some kind of activity.
·        Reduce your Bad Habits – Over-smoking or over-alcohol consumption are said to be the most dangerous of habits for your health.  They are the roots for all your health problems.  See to it that you reduce these habits and you will find some truly amazing results in the long term. 

There are a number of other tips which can be discussed at a later time, but for now just remember these 10 important tips for staying healthy and fit and to live longer.  Just remember your family loves you and want you with them, always smiling and active.

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