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ACADIA NATIONAL PARK - A treat to the Nature Lovers

Spread over an area of 41,000 acres of land, this National Park is said to be one of the best National Parks around the world.  This park comprises of Granite Cliffs, cobblestone beaches, beautiful lakes, magnificent ocean views,  deep valleys, dense evergreen forests and Glacier-carved mountains.  You name it, Acadia National Park has it.  It is truly a heaven for nature lovers and people from all over the globe visit this park to have a peak at one of nature’s wonder.

Acadia comprises mostly of glacier carved mountains separated by valleys.  There are a number of activities that can be enjoyed by tourists and which makes this National Park visit a unique one for the visitors.

·        Hiking is the main activity in Acadia National Park.  There are various hiking trails along the rocky mountains to the rugged shorelines and along the deep woods which are a treat for hikers.  Some of the majestic views can make you gasp with amazement as you cover these trails. These hiking trails are made according to the hikers capacity i.e. difficult for the professions and simple ones for beginners.  There is also 50 miles of carriage roads for the common tourists to enjoy the beauty of Acadia National Park.
·        Along with Hiking, if one is not in favor of walking, there is the 27 mile long scenic
Park Loop Road
along the national park which offers various views including the Otter Cliffs, Jordan Pond, Sand Beach and the Cadillac Mountain views.  This road is a must for those who want to enjoy Acadia while driving through the vehicle. There is a fee for using this road as well as entrance fee for the National Park which is collected at the entrance of
Park Loop Road
·        The best way to enjoy the beauty of Acadia National Park is to join the Park Ranger programs available at this park.  They can constitute walks, talks on various subjects of nature, hikes along the trails, lake cruises and even slide show programs which includes wild animals and natural beauty of Acadia National park.  Various schedules are available for persons and groups of various ages including Junior Ranger program for the children.
·        If you are interested in Biking, Acadia offers the paved motor roads along with carriage roads to the bikes.  Explore the amazing scenery with your partner on a bicycle tour though the heart of this beautiful national park.
·        If you want to spend the night in the natural surroundings of Acadia National Park, there is always the camping option for you.  Blackwoods Campground is the ideal site for camping in this national park.  There is also the Seawall campground which is the other designated campsite that can accommodate the trailers and even tents are provided on rent.  Showers and camping supply stores are present near the campsites for purchasing daily needs. 
·        There is always the option of swimming for the swimming enthusiastic.  Acadia National Park offers various options for swimming including the Sandy Beach which offers ocean swimming as well the Echo Lake Beach where one can swim in freshwater lake.  Some of these lakes are used for drinking water purposes and so swimming is not allowed.
·        For those who are interested in History, Acadia National Park offers them the opportunity to go into the past with two of its Museums situated in the park.  Nature Center offers an insight into the natural resources of the park along with its diversity and importance.  Take a look at how they are protected inside the park.  Islesford Historical Museum gives the visitors a brief description of the Cranberry Islands through various models and photographs.  

This was regarding the various activities that one can indulge in throughout the visit at Acadia National Park.  There are various tourist spots along the way throughout the National Park which are a treat to watch.  They can be described as –
·        Echo Lake This beach at the national park is the only one with warm water option.  It is the most popular tourist destinations in the park and is often crowded during the summer as families come out over here to enjoy a swim.  The water is safe for the children too and as such it is quite naturally the most popular destination.
·        Wonderland Nature Trail – This trail is quite sedate and offers astonishing scenic beauty spots of the park.  It is close to the ocean front and one can even explore some beaches along the way. 

·        Thunder Hole – The must place to visit in Acadia National Park.  Visit this place around 2 hours before high tide and you can be witness to one of nature’s most amazing experience. Here you will find the tremendous loud booms of thunders along with enormous waves that you have never seen before. For getting the most out of this place, plan a visit in the early spring or late falls when the sea is rough. 
·        The Precipice - A dangerous climb along the trail where people have often lost their lives climbing this rough stretch of land. But people climb this stretch just to see the Peregrine Falcons and their homes high atop this climb.
·        Jordan Pond tea House – A cafeteria with a lovely view of the Jordan Pond.  A quite place to have a rest and grab some quick food and coffee.  Alongside it is the Jordan Pond Gate House, a spot worth seeing.
·        Brass Harbor Lighthouse – This Lighthouse is located near the Bass Harbor Campground and has some really good views alongside it for the tourist to venture and have a great time. 
·        Bear Brook - This is a picnic spot, ideal for the family, in the Acadia National Park. This is place ideally between Beaver Pond and the Champlain Mountain trails.  Some common visitors to this spot are fox, deer, raccoon and coyotes. 

Along with these spots, there are a lot to be seen in Acadia National Park.  Take a long holiday and visit this truly magnificent tourist destination once in your lifetime.

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