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Being a father is the most cherished moment for a man.  Having a baby and holding it to your heart bring you a feeling of overjoy as well as makes you feel proud.  This may just be the moment you may be waiting for. 

Being a father is the perfect opportunity for passing on all your ideals, virtues and whatever is good to another being that is under your care.  The role of the father is one of utmost importance to the child as well as to the father.  It is the time to forget the bad part of your own childhood and try to give the good things that you have learnt during your childhood to the child.  Make sure not to repeat the mistakes that were made earlier. 

1)    The meaning of Love - Give your child the most loving care he deserves.  Just let the love towards the child be pure and unconditional.  Expressing yourself in front for him can just be the right feeling he wants from you.   A happy and well nurtured child can be able to face the outside world with confidence.  A child learns to love from his childhood seeing you and his family.

2)     Enjoy your fatherhood – See that you enjoy being a father.  See the world through the eyes of your child.  You can, in fact, relive your own childhood through the motions of the child, either it be changing the nappies or taking the child to school.  Be your child’s friend and protector at the same time.  Enjoy the whole process of bringing up your child.

3)     Responsibility of your child – You are now the proud father of a child.  See to it that you shoulder the responsibility of taking care of the child.  Try to shed off the careless way you behaved before the birth of the child.  Now you have a responsibility to share.  Think twice before you take any difficult or unknown decisions.  Try to do things the right way in front of the child as what you do makes a deep impact on the child’s future and personality.  Always plan your child’s future with your wife and be conscious of the medical and health conditions that your child may be having.

4)     Always be at the Child’s side – There is no other excuse for staying away from your child when he needs it the most.  Set your priorities right.  Your family comes first before anything.  Give ample time to your child as your presence is what the child needs.  Earning money is one thing, but at the same time, do not run away from your responsibility of caring for your family. 

5)    Set up the Disciplinary Standards – Physical beating is the last resort for any strict actions.  Always be stern when the child is acting unreasonably.  Try to tell him in a stern voice that what he is saying is unacceptable and that the consequences may be bad. 

6) Good Educational Standards – Always see to it that your child gets the best education that you can afford.  Good morals through education are the greatest gifts the parents can give to the children.  A good education gives the child a healthy and safe future.  It teaches him good morals and a personality that can be valuable in his future life.

7)  Comparison with pears - This is the most common mistake that parents commit before a child.  Do not compare the abilities of children between each other.  Teaching them the importance of respecting and sharing between them is the most valuable advice that can be given.  Encourage mutual bonding and friendship between the children.  Comparison brings about negative feelings and sets the perfect stage for rivalry between the siblings.

8)  Burdening them with Expectations – Always see to it that the child is not burden by some unreasonable expectations.  Let him pursue his own feelings and field of interest.  In short, encouraging them to learn about themselves is the most important part for a father.  Let him/her feel free to take their decisions with your pressure.

9)  Always be a friend – Spending quality time with your child is also important.  Always try to find time from your daily work load to spend some time with your child.  Go on an outing with your family or spend your evenings with the child solving his maths problems or reading a story book for him.  Be his friend when he needs it.  Try to be friendly with your child so that he can share his feelings and problems with you.  A father is the best friend that a child has. 

10)  Accepting your Mistakes – When you teach a child not to lie or to accept his own mistakes, it should always be based on your own values.  Do not cover up your mistakes in front of the child.  When the child sees the honesty of the situation, he or she will reciprocate in the same manner in future.  Accepting your own mistakes is the most important lesson for you. 

These qualities of a father are sure to make a deep impact on your relationship with the child and will obviously help to nurture positive feelings amongst you both.

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