Monday, 16 January 2012

What are the warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian Cancer is also called as ‘The Silent Killer’.  This is because it is not diagnosed early and can only be detected at a later stage when it has spread to about 75% of the abdomen.  This type of cancer is extremely dangerous and timely medical treatment and diagnosing is essential to prevent this deadly disease from spreading.  Ovarian cancer ranks fifth among the death causes in women as more than 16,000 deaths occur in USA alone due to this disease. 

But there are some signs and symptoms which, when detected & diagnosed at an early stage can be a huge advantage for the treatment of this disease.  The symptoms given below can be checked out by visiting a doctor at the earliest as precaution is always good before a cure for ovarian cancer.

Bloating – When you feel that your jeans are getting too tight around the waist, you may think it is the time for that weight loss programme.  But think twice, this effect may just be the warning symptom of Ovarian Cancer.  Bloating or increase in weight may be a sign for this dreadful disease.  Diagnose the cause with your doctor.

Abdominal Pain – Along with bloating, abdominal pain is another symptom of this disease.  One may feel pain in the pelvic region and this pain may continue in severity as time passes.  If the pain does not reduce by taking local painkillers and if it persists for more than 2 weeks, then it is time to diagnose the cause of this pain. 

Loss of Appetite – Another symptom of Ovarian Cancer is that of loss of appetite. A person feels ‘full’ even though he has not had enough food.  This feeling leads to reduced intake of food and thus may result to other problems such as fatigue. 

Breathing Problems – This is another common symptom of ovarian cancer.  A person experiences fatigue at the slightest work he does.  He gets out of breath at walking a short distance. 

Urinary Problems – Urinary problems include a sense of urgency and frequency in between intervals.  There is inflammation while urinating and a person feels the urge to go to the toilet quite often.  This condition goes on increasing over a period of 2 weeks and has to be diagnosed immediately.

Pain during Intercourse – This is another symptom of ovarian cancer.  A person may experience severe pain during intercourse.  If these pain persists for over two weeks or more the person should go for a medical diagnosis of the problem.  It may well be a sign of initial stage of the disease.

Back Pain – Quite often a person experiences back pain on a daily basis.  This back pain can be treated with local medications.  But if they persist for more than 15 days, they may well be a warning signal of Ovarian Cancer.  As the disease spreads, the back pain too goes on increasing.    

As can be seen by the above, the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer are very common symptoms which can easily be ignored by a person as normal ailments.  Due to this, the disease is late in diagnosing.  But on the other hand, if these symptoms persist for more than 15 days, then it is the right time to visit a medical practitioner for a diagnosis. 

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