Thursday, 1 December 2011

What are Healing Essential Oils?

Healing Essential Oils are extracts that are taken out from flowers, fruits, or roots of a plant.  Each of these oils has specific values for healing different kinds of diseases and disorders or allergies.  These Healing Essential Oils are found in one part of the plant or in different parts of the same plant depending on the source.  Another name for Healing essential oils is Aromatherapy oils.

The history of these oils date back to the Egyptian era where plant extracts were used in the making of different medicines, perfumes and cosmetics.  History also shows proof of these healing essential oils being used in countries like China, India, Greece and other Asian countries.

These oils, often called as aromatherapy oils are used in various ways and are based on the two senses of feel and smell.  These oils have amazing healing properties which are used to heal many disorders.  The treatment of aromatherapy is gaining in popularity and its importance is felt throughout the medical world as an alternative to conventional medicine.

The extraction of these essential oils is made through the process of distillation and it takes huge quantities of raw plant material to get a small amount of oil extract.  But these oils are highly concentrated and if used, have to be diluted according to the need.

These oils are administered through various ways, the most common being through the skin by way of massage or through the nose.  According to the theory of Aromatherapy, smells of these oils are captured by the olfactory system; they send signals to the brain.  The brain in turn reacts to the smell and influences the hormone-secreting glands affecting the entire body.  Thus the smell of these oils influences the whole body.

These oils are administered through both water or other diffusion devices or a humidifier.  Another way of Aromatherapy is through the skin in the form of massage.  These oils are absorbed through the pores of the skin and enter the bloodstream capillaries which in turn circulate them through the body.  These oils, when applied, go directly to the affected area of a bruise or sore muscle causing no discomfort in relation to medicines that are taken orally.

The various uses of Healing Essential oils are:
·        These oils are mostly used to reduce tension, stress and depression in an individual.  The soothing fragrance and the deep penetration of the oils through a massage bring about a relaxing mode for a person.
·        As these oils have medicinal values they are used for burns and bruises.  Many of these oils are administered on the affected part and gives instant relief.
·        Some of these oils are used to cure common cold, coughs and other allergic diseases.
·        The healing essential oils have a pain-relieving effect and as such as used for treatment in arthritis patients as well as for common sprains and strains.

Thus, Healing Essential Oils have become an integral part of the medical world by way of their various uses and the effect that they have on a person’s mind and body. 

The different types of Aromatherapy Oils and their usefulness are discussed in the next topic : Which oils are used in Aromatherapy and its uses?

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